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Interesting 2011

dug dug Follow Jul 04, 2020 · 1 min read
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OK I finally got my pictures from Interesting downloaded.

What? It only took 19 years, what do you want from me?!? I mean the attendees are probably decomposing by now and no one is interested. Perfect time to upload my crappy pics:-)

Mr Reid's fission demo

Worth noting that Roo Reynolds took some much better pictures which are believe it or not still on Flickr (smile)

The picture in the index is a shot of Mr Reid demonstrating nuclear fission with ping-pong balls and a box of mousetraps. I stole it from Roo, the original is here. Paul Downey shot a video of the demo with his camera cleverly placed on the floor amongst the ping-pong balls. I stole his video (as I couldn’t get the Flickr embed link to work) and embeded it below:

Mr Reid demos nuclear fission on Vimeo.

It was an incredible day, I’ve had few as rich and intense since. Thank you Mr. Undermanager.

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