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dug dug Follow May 22, 2010 · 1 min read
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If you’re reading this, please make sure the people sitting in front, behind and just generally all around you have also read it.

Re office space, I’ve started a project on our new Basecamp. If you haven’t already got one, ask Tim to sort you out a login. NB if you already use basecamp with another company or project you can reuse your Basecamp id once you follow the new account link that tim will send you (which is nice).

Please all of you check in and take a look at the brief (a writeboard), and the to-do list. I can’t be in the office but it hurts to know our space is just hanging in limbo and I really need to get Leona and Richard seats in the main space!

I’ve outlined my thoughts on basecamp but just to get the imagination going, here are some pics I found on a blog.

Beanbag-type meeting rooms (the 4.5 floor landing area and the square area neat the conf room?)


Tables against window (both at the end of the conf room and by the windows in the main area?)


Supports flexible public/semi-private ideation spaces?


For the main everybody-at-the-same-table area i’d like to make a table (mdf, bits from builders merch etc etc) that’s wobbly or round or just homemade looking (Jeff Bezos aparently still buys fireproof doors for desks at Amazon just like when he started–actually i find that hard to believe but the spirit is in the right place)



(these images are also on Basecamp at

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