Palin makes me feel like a baby seal

dug dug Follow Oct 06, 2008 · 1 min read
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Just had lunch with Palin on the box.

I’m trying to decode exactly why she makes me so angry (more so than the millions of Americans who are so thrilled to have her on board). I’m still working on the finer points but in today’s opus (she is speaking to a mob in Florida as I type this) the following came across fairly clearly:

  1. We know better. Those media types, those lefties (she used the phrase "left-wing") sure they're smart, but they're not like us. They're different and they can't be trusted. It pretty much doesn't matter how bad I do in interviews because I can come out here and speak directly to millions of Americans just like me and we can commiserate about have to deal with those shifty others who are most definitely not like us. America is a nation founded on transcendent values and built on diversity. Watching this woman draw lines of belonging just makes me want to vomit.
  2. There is no middle way. Palin and her party won't acknowledge that complex problems might require complex, multi-facetted solutions. How can she praise the US government for taking taxpayers paychecks and handing them back to their employees and then complain that Obama isn't explaining how he is going to pay for his various initiatives? So not only is Barack not like us he wants to raise taxes.
  3. She's a bully. She asks he audience to laugh with her at her poor opponent. This is just creepy, at least feign a look of concern as you criticise. This is a woman who taunts her victims. My guess, as a child she used to pull the legs off flies.
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Written by dug Follow
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