An equitable trade -- a great service in exchange for my attention

dug dug Follow Feb 03, 2010 · 1 min read


Back in the late nineties I spent a lot of time trying to convince brands that the web was bringing about a market where you had to give to get.

In 2001 I wrote businesses will benefit most from an active participation in Internet Culture that contributes to and respects the online community. I guess by now that’s a bit old hat and most planners out there have most likely folded that thought or one like it into what they do. That said, I’m continually amazed at how few branded digital initiatives make that connection between contributing and leeching.

And in fact WeTransfer is pretty much the only one I’ve come across that makes the exchange in a transparent way: we provide a genuinely useful service for free and in exchange, you get to see beautiful photographs that are linked to brand experiences (and no, you don’t have to click on the ad link to use the service, just be aware of the brand).

From a UX point of view I also love the single point of focus, very old skool Google:-)

Thanks @alexandermoore

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