Things that work as they should

dug dug Follow Oct 01, 2002 · 1 min read
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Just ordered Adrian Frutiger’s l’Homme et ses signes in a rather delicious edition by Atelier Perrousseaux. I believe he wrote the original in German, but this edition from 2000 updates and refines the French edition of 1983 (and I suppose he would have written in French rather than English…)

I ordered it from and when I got to the checkout and saw the familiar logon, I assumed that I’d have to create a duplicate account for the French company. But woohoo:-) my user/pass work fine, all the customer database details (inc. credit card) are pan-national (odd, as SKU data does not appear to be shared by the main application). I don’t know if this is even legal? In any case, it makes ordering French books for little CU-1 a breeze:-)

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