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dug dug Follow Apr 23, 2002 · 1 min read
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Hi dug,

I thought 70% of the electorate voted? We watched newsnight last night and Christine Ockrent was going on about how “one in four (!!!)” didn’t even bother to vote. I was thinking that that’s a pretty good turnout compared to most places.

It always pisses me off when I hear people saying “oh, if only I’d known, I’d have gone out and voted”. It’s like a football player saying “if only I’d known they were going to score three late goals, I’d have tried harder in the first half”. Actually, it’s worse cos a footballer easing off when in front is more likely to be something he can’t really control.

It is scary, though, to think how many voted for him. In some places, he got 30% of the vote. And then you look at trends in other countries in Europe. Ulp!


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Written by dug Follow
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