Time to help the EFF again

dug dug Follow Jun 10, 2014 · 1 min read
Please support the EFF as it acts to protect UK citizens



Got this in the mail from the EFF today:

The UK’s intelligence services can process 21 petabytes of data per day - that’s 39 billion pieces of information that could be the private data of any citizen. This mass surveillance violates your privacy and chills free speech across the globe. The current law offers little protection. We are calling for reform of the legal framework so the intelligence agencies stop spying on us.


Signing is a good thing. The principles we’re trying to support:

  1. No surveillance without suspicion
  2. Transparent laws, not secret laws
  3. Judicial not political authorisation
  4. Effective democratic oversight
  5. The right to redress
  6. A secure web for all

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