dug dug Follow Aug 18, 2002 · 1 min read
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Right—watched 23 last night and have just finished watching 24. I just have to say I still think it’s rubbish. …don’t let them connect you to Germany oh so Nina is working for some shadowy organisation in Germany? Didn’t Victor Drazen order Nina to be shot? If Bauer hadn’t put the bulletproof jacket on her she’d be dead? Why can’t the writers just take the time to construct (mastermind?) a proper conspiracy where even the darkest events can be understood with enough digging. If the X-Files can hold it together why no 24 (or should I say 12pm)? Or the Manchurian Candidate, or…

Mike comments:

>heyup Dug,
>just read your posting re 24 … IIRC, the
>shooting of Nina was a result of a 3rd party
>contractor (chappie who fscked up in the first 11
>or so hours), rather than Drazen directly. I
>could be wrong of course, it’s all got to be a bit
>of blur now …
>Mike ~~~~ Just when you thought I’d finished …

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