Catch Me if You Can

dug dug Follow Feb 10, 2003 · 1 min read


Just got home from seeing the Leonardo vehicle (thank you Grandma Symington for looking after CU-1). It’s quite liberating having a ‘date’ with Nicki, I guess that’ll be the second film we’ve seen since the arrival of bairn.

Just wanted to say that CMIYC reminded me of classic 70’s caper movies like “The Hot Rock” or “The Taking of Pelham 123” in the sense that they have a ‘proper’ plot, bit of tension, bit of comic relief, bit of a statement (political, emotional or otherwise…) just good clean fun, really.

The thing that stays with you as you walk to the car park is the extreme sadness of LDiCap’s character. He plays this amazing con artist who is little more that a teen-ager looking for love, or at least a clear explanation of where he fits in in the world.

Great performance by Walken as his father and a surprising, older, Natalie Baye breaks the boy’s heart…

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