I’d rather be in Whetstone

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(Family thoughts, you tech readers may want to skip this post)

So the rain is damaging down, the best-of-classic-motown cd is skipping like a techno track and I’m looking out the window of the Sancerre onto the Square du Temple. I’m dry, I’ve just been handed a glass of Brouilly and I caught the last metro before the strike started (at 20h) so all-in-all feeling very relieved.

Wow, the rain is now moving from dismantling to total continental submergence, but the tape has been changed and I’m now listening to Stevie Wonder (the guys at the Sancerre only ever seem to play two tapes… “ma cherrrie amorrr”) which is cheering me up some.

Nicki and H and CU-1 are back in London at the new house (the last one was “The Yellow House”–don’t know what we’ll call this one) in Whetstone. I’m missing them already and I’ve been feeling really protective of CU-2 and CU-1 ever since the move, watching them soak in the new surroundings and settle into their new rooms.

CU-1 in particular I worry a little about, she comes up with worrying statements which I’m never entirely sure how to evaluate. She is the same age I was when my folks moved from Connecticut to Paris and in the years that followed I was moved from school to school and across a few borders (actually not that many, just Paris to Milan and back to Paris) and I don’t remember being that upset by the process. Of course maybe that’s a problem in itself, but that’s another story. Hopefully the fact that CU-1 is staying in the same school should iron out most difficulties.

It looks like we’ve moved into Budleigh-Salterton-on-Thames. It’s a quiet suburban street and neighbours east and west are over 65. Just to rub the point in, a scan with the trusty N95 reveals not a single 802.11 signal (bizarre!) so yeah, hopefully we’ll find some locals with kids.

Finally, and so I’ve got a note of it, the move went great, happened on the 9th November 2007–four very nice men from a company called Ward Thomas:-)

Anyways, the rain is slowing now so I’m going to make a run for it down the Rue des Archives and try and squeeze a little wireframing in before bed.

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