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dug dug Follow Jan 13, 2006 · 1 min read



So I’ve been driving past this 48-sheet for a company called “Beyon” every morning this month and every time I pass it I wonder about how totally misguided the thing is…

For starters, the graphic itself–I mean is it just me or is that not a visitor’s booth in a prison. Can you not see the guy speaking into his phone and pressing his hand against the glass, prompting his faithful partner to do the same?

And the headline, confidence at work again, am I the only one who thinks the word ‘confidence’ has mostly negative connotations in this context? You know, as in ‘con artist’, ‘confidence trick’ or just plain ‘con’ in the sense of a prison-dweller?

Anyhoo, it always amazes me what creative teams can get past the client:-)

photo: JCDecaux

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