Online VAT registration

dug dug Follow Aug 29, 2008 · 1 min read
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So my accountant tells me I need to make sure and complete my VAT registration. Don’t worry he says, you’re an internet consultant so you’ll have no trouble…

So here I go, whoops, something’s awry with the vat section of the website, it appears to have lost its stylesheet (no doubt an indirect result of using the .Net framework).

So I call the helpline and am assured that even though the whole site (apart from the VAT bit) is working and it’s just that I need to use internet explorer. But, I say, I haven’t got IE, how can I pay my tax? At which point I was told to go away and stop being an annoying taxpayer…

VAT site missing its stylesheet

I think it may be time to revert to paper processes on this one!

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Written by dug Follow
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