You’ve replied. Now please reply.

dug dug Follow Nov 26, 2005 · 1 min read
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I’m routinely amazed at how eBay manages to be one of the internet’s most successful services with one of the worst interfaces in the business sitting on top of some of the nastiest presentation-layer code I’ve had the misfortune to view source on…

Check out this prompt. I arrived at this page after sending a response to a fellow ebay user who was querying the high postage on an item I’m selling. At the top of the screen a reasuring message tells me that all has gone as expected, that is that my message to the other user was successfully delivered.

Now look down about 50 pixels and just to the right is a huge yellow call-to-action button telling me to “Respond to this question”.

So did I send the damn message or what?

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Written by dug Follow
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