I can feel a new banner campaign coming along

dug dug Follow Feb 23, 2005 · 1 min read
I can feel a new banner campaign coming along
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Still waiting to hear back from Fnac (a great place to buy French stuff - iTunes licensing doesn’t allow French ‘variété’ tracks on the UK store grr) re my earlier note to them.

Simply put, I was just about to order a disc when I noticed the digital rights protection label. I wrote in to say that while I’d love to purchase the album (Camille’s Le Fil) I won’t until they stock a non-drm version.

Sitting here fuming, found this fun piece on how to host a swapping party which I’ll forward to the manager when he writes back explaining that home taping is killing music

So I guess I need to do another banner.

  • Basic? "no drm"
  • Chatty? "Actually, I won't buy that"
  • Political? "Sharing is legal and DRM infringes your rights under copyright law" (wow, catchy, that one)

Anyways, having a think…

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