Tagged.com are spamming swine

dug dug Follow May 03, 2007 · 1 min read
Tagged.com are spamming swine
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If you get an email with a subject something like “[New Challenges] Soandso has Tagged you! :)” delete it quickly. I can’t say for sure whether the company (tagged.com) is the next generation of sploggers or spammers gone social or if what happened to me this morning was just a cock-up on my part.

So I got the email this morning. As I follow Web2.0 stuff as part of my job I tend to register for everything to see what’s what…

  1. I follow the link in the email
  2. I register on the site
  3. Noticing they're using the gmail api to pull addresses I think "cool" and give it a try
  4. On the address listing I mark one of my demo emails as a friend and click on "invite"

…at which point everyone in my gmail address book receives a “you’ve been tagged” email. This is great, I of course relish the chance to be incredibly rude to friends and strangers alike while looking completely stupid at the same time.

As Tim said in his angry response “Dug, this is a terrible service”. Tim, I couldn’t agree more.

And finally, dear gmail address book folk, sorry about my invading your inbox this morning:-(

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