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Just about to drive back to London.

Had a good week with extended family down at parent’s place in Budleigh Salterton. Had a couple of rough commutes, on Thursday, I slept two hours then got on the bike and rode 180 miles to Dorking, did a presentation then had to head to Salisbury for an afternoon meeting. Got out of the office at 17:00 and then had to make my way back to Devon–almost 400 miles in bad weather on two hours sleep. Not something I’d want to do every day :-(

Strangely, I still get a kick out of crazy bike rides with great views. I drove past Stonehenge in the mist and fog on my way in on Tuesday, and Thursday’s travels took me on some ancient Roman roads. The approach to Salisbury from the west is great–you’re on this ancient, absolutely straight road and you see Salisbury cathedral approaching in the distance in much the same way a foot-traveller would have experienced it hundreds of years ago. The whole countryside between Winchester and Salisbury is just magic, lots of deciduous trees, oaks all bent out of shape, collapsing thatched farms and dirt tracks everywhere, if you stopped for a minute you could have travelled back to 1412…

Yesterday, CU-1 got to ride a horse for the first time. When I say ‘ride’ I mean in the saddle, stirrups adjusted for her wee legs, holding the reigns and a helmet on her head. She just walked up and down for Fifteen minutes but I’m pretty sure she was thrilled :-)

Anyways, off to suit up for London.

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