dug dug Follow Sep 15, 2004 · 2 mins read
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Still thinking about what to put in my cv, portfolio etc. and never being able to settle on what’s really important. More precisely, why would someone want to work with me? So I’m heading towards values—I’m guessing I need to try and find a company that shares the values I’ve always put into my work.

Andy once said the nicest thing about working with me. I think it went along these lines:

You know Dug, I've worked all over town and nobody ever explained to me why we were doing what we were doing before.

For me, a team can’t work in a historical vacuum, and all creative needs a context. It got me thinking how lucky I was to have been trained by Michel Delacroix (I can’t find a link to him—he ran Pamplemousse, one of France’s hottest groups and produced many, many iconic ads. There’s got to be a page about his work somewhere…). Michel gave me my first job after college, I think he took me in because I was a biker and spoke fluent French—he figured my book was crap but I could be taught. He showed me grids and why to use them. He sent me off to art direct a Guy Laroche photoshoot with Jasmine (later Le Bon) with strict instructions to keep my trap shut and let the photographer work. I left there completely drained and ten feet taller. I guess Michel had really mastered the balance of inspiration, enthusiam and instruction. I’ve taken his teaching with me, sometimes not even realising where it cam from…

While Michel knew how to break a grid to best effet (generally to produce something very sexy for a fashion client), my next boss, Gene Federico at Lord Geller Federico Einstein worked with opposites. He juxtaposed elegant and funny like no one before him had done. His work was light, effortless, subtle, powerful and funny. I only got to work with him when he was arguing with my Creative Director. We’d stand around his corner office on 655 Madison and argue the finer points of layouts and what they were trying to achieve and I’d follow my guy out the door wishing I could spend a bit more time arguing but being shunted off with a list of things to assemble.

So what is it, a bigger picture, a purpose? I’ll leave it there for now…

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Hiya, life goes like this. Step 1: Get out of bed. Step 2: Make things better:-)