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Kayaks and canoes

dug dug Follow Jun 01, 2023 · 1 min read
Our party camping just north of Rhu Point Beach -  Port Nam Murrach near Arisaig. Photo (c)


So after moving to Scotland I found myself buying a Canoe. Over time, this has led to me spending more and more time on the water and camping on beautiful Scottish islands. This was never a plan, but just an accidental positive outcome:-)

As part of this newfound interest I became interested in boatbuilding, and particularly traditional boatbuilding. At one point, I decided to sign up for a course with Ben Wilde who runs the Archipelago Folkschool which does a class in building Greenland-style kayaks.

Here’s a stop-motion of the class where I built my kayak:

…and here’s the ‘finished’ Shrike with deck rigging:

Haven’t managed to get out on the water much this summer. Truck is dead and have been focusing on building the deck and garden furniture but digging out this old stuff is reminding me of the need:-)

The picture above is me camping taken by an amazing photographer. Check out his beautiful hi-rez images at

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