Flash and dhtml select lists

dug dug Follow Aug 02, 2002 · 1 min read
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Had a little chat with Eddie Traversa over at dhtmlnirvana.com this morning and we got to talking about how some nice dom manipulation can give you Flash-like effects without the plugin. Or, in other words, how many people even notice the dhtml cross fading on pumpernickle.net I think most folks either just experience it without noticing it or assume it’s a Flash effect…

Right about the same time, Andy sent me an email asking if the dom could be manipulated to render the “open” state of a select list. I said no, as the browser uses the os’s widget library to draw it but he could probably hack something in dhtml. So I got curious and have just spent the last hour playing with a formatted html definition list

Why in the world would you want to complicate a page like this when the plain vanilla select statement does the job? Answers on a post-card — still, it looks nice (and works well in Lynx, of course)…

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Written by dug Follow
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