Manfrotto single arm 2 section plus goPro

dug dug Follow Nov 01, 2020 · 1 min read
Beardy man trying to get back to shore before he ditches.
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So I finally got the old goPro working. Turns out an SD card that fits in the slot can mess up the way the camera works. Who knew, silly me;-)

Super rainy day yesterday, river Teith swollen and strong current through Loch Lubnaigh.

Car park at Callendar

In any case, got the camera working, got the Buffalo salopettes and shirt so figured it was time for some more cold-water self rescue (for the last test, I just jumped in and counted two minutes before getting out and seeing if I could function as dried off…)

So tested a Manfrotto arm today ( … n-196ab-2/) it plugs into a superclamp and the goPro tripod adaptor screws into one end of the arm. Pretty good results, it’s not too heavy but was secure and stable. The superclamp (Manfrotto 035 Superclamp - … inium-035/) is expensive for a clamp but the jaw is really good at grabbing without crushing.

I tried it going out at 90-degrees like a boom clamped to the gunwale (shows off my lardy midriff, may not do this one again…):

hanging off the stern clamped to the deck:

and the ‘selfie’ position with the arm clamped to a thwart (that’s where it was in the shot above):

Really good rigidity and stability:-)

Anyways, in the end the wind and rain and strong current (and 8-degree water temp) meant I didn’t go for the self rescue training. Maybe next time:-)

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