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Well, it had to happen sooner or later, little girl vs bee (or wasp, I’ll never know). Have you noticed how this August, London has been overrun by wasps? A friend of mine has an alleyway down the side of his hous...



I would just like to put my 2¢ into the indeterminate gender thing. I think alternating between ‘he’ and ‘she’ more or less at random through a text (I’ve been reading about babies and this is done A LOT in these ...


Can be as confusing as it can be extraordinarily painful. I am having an uncommonly shitty morning and it really hurts–arse. Arse, arse, feck.


Date formats

Sorry about the dates jumping around guys, just messin’ with the MT date formats. If you can muster any strong feelings about it, comments with prefs or recommendations on date formats for a diary-style blog (whic...

I don't have a lot of time

THE STORY – It seemed like a good time to start something new. The news from the meds is pretty crap but hey ho, movement increasingly difficult, some pains are frequent and I know that some of them will last as...


White-labelling with CSS

Met a nice man called Mark Panay at a company in Bristol last week and he kindly asked me to do some CSS for a white-label system he’s developed.

Drop everything…

…and go here now.


Just had a lovely morning in the rain with CU-1. We were gonna do the painting thing, but then I remembered the stables at the London Equestrian Center (CU-1 liked Albert best I think–lots of fuzzy mane in the fac...


Raser Français

The French have a wonderful knack for keeping it simple.

Big Media ate my budget

It’s nice when a blogger says something short and to the point:


I love this post by Chris, and because I can easily post a link to it, I shall;-)

Sleepy babies

As long as I’m messing about with the video capture on the ixus, one of the nicest things (well, one of many many nice things, but one that stands out in a particular way) about having a young child is the way the...


Bad Dad

I mention CU-1’s adventures on swings in an earlier post. If you read this blog on your mobile phone (or indeed just download stuff via the web and then copy it over), you’ll be able to see very bad Dad In Action ...


Demon DNS

Just got this from Demon, my ISP of choice for a number of years:

Ouch, ouch, ouch

First things first–If you’re one of the many people who come here from A List Apart please read this.

And another ouch

I’ve just noticed the access logs filling up with calls to “permalinker”–this is a pretty major oops as I’ve always believed URIs should be permanent.

And now we return to our scheduled broadcast…

I had so many bits, bobs and backups tied into my blogging engine that it was taking me forever to migrate safely to Movable Type. A negative side-effect of running what was a truly nasty hack in the first place w...

Having my mouth unstitched

The stuff that I think several people out there get a kick out of reading on Donkey tends to form in my brain like scum on pot of soaking chickpeas. When I first started posting, the system was so fast that it cov...

The Joy of Links (go on, click click click)

One Two (…and isn’t weird that there’s a “w” in “two”?) Three

Tough Times in Devon!

May is when all the councils reorganize. Mayors get elected, committees too, and in the reorganization of East Devon’s planning arm–The Development Control Committee–disaster struck!

More translation

Have just struggled through another translation. A very interesting piece about the effect on left-wing parties of forgetting one’s left wing. I worry a bit, the French is pretty pompous and...

No way…

Yes way


Pantograph is a lovely word:-) Thank you Gail


From this piece (on

Your ass in a polling station (today)

Have just returned from voting.


And I just unlocked my Nokia 6600 so now I can use the Orange SIM in it:-)



So the England team’s practice sessions are being spied upon by “Zoom lenses hidden in golf carts” and celebrities sunning sans clothes are violated by zoom lenses that “literally reach in and pull the image out”.


Just met some really nice people at a studio in the city.


So Billy and I went to this Alexander McQueen bash last Thursday night and drank way too much champagne and then Billy raised his paddle and bought Madonna’s tights…

More fun with advertising

So I’m still digging around the advertising industry looking to see if I have an idea or not…

What’s a ficathon?

I love these people. The following from http://


Now this is just silly ;-)

Listen. Learn. Participate

Donkeyontheedge is all about internet citizenship.

MT not free anymore

All in all, if B+M want to do the MT thing full time, they have to charge. It’s always a sting when something you’ve used for free goes paying, but in their case there really isn’t any other way.


Did my first translation for L’Humanité in English last night.

My first foray into charity fundraising on Ebay

(See earlier post re auctioning a vanity spot on educational charity The Lecture List to raise funds for hosting) raised a whopping 6 pennies (sixpence?) from a staggering two (2) bids…

text message to bicycle to chalk on pavement -- -)

Wireless activists are using bicycles with wireless internet access to allow visitors to the Stop Bush website to post messages on the streets and pavements of New York City. The cycles have an on-board chalk-spra...

OK guys, time to pony up for charity

You know you want to :-)

Dug is impolite but working for an underfunded educational charity

Hello List, just thought I’d spam you guys with a site I’ve just launched for an educational charity that lists lectures, get-togethers and happenings nationwide.