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iPhone people

Don’t forget, you iPhone users, that the new iOS4 comes out today. Roughly around 6pm, and you will have to update you itunes so be prepared.

Our first foray into user testing with live participants

In the spirit of Rob’s earlier post I thought you guys might find a test report interesting reading. This morning, Debbie, Louis, Mohammed and Dug piled into Mohammed’s car and headed down to Hemel High Street. De...

REAL user experience front end testing

I saw this video and really enjoyed its simple method of creating the real user feedback we (as DSGi) so rarely do.

Something nice from John Maeda

Fairly good dose of wisdom on a regular basis:-)

Health & Safety, 1963

Wow, Dad just sent this through, that’s me and my Mom sitting in Firebucket Dad’s MG somewhere in San Francisco (I’m guessing that’s the Golgen Gate Bridge in the background).

Argos TV finder

It wasn’t long ago when multi-facets were the new thing in navigation and findability on websites. Today, multi-faceted navigation has become so common that you just expect a good online retailer to have it. In fa...

Let's all make some vids...

So tell me Dug, how do we sell things? from dug falby on Vimeo.

CSS3 gradient tool

Not ready for production just yet but i thought this tool looked pretty interesting:

21st Century parenting

Love this, an absolute classic from Dan:-)

This message is for everyone in the customer experience team

If you’re reading this, please make sure the people sitting in front, behind and just generally all around you have also read it.

iPhone book

OK, today I finally cracked. Because I’m an idiot I can’t work out how to pull our phone numbers on the Blackberry. I can search for a person but I only get the Hemel extension number which I can’t click on to dial.

Don't guess... TEST!

Just came across this great article about usability testing, which explains in very light hearted way why and when to do usability tests.

Britons spend nearly ‘one day a month online’

Interesting article on BBC website about how people are spending there time online.

Rich Content and new ways to talk to customers…

I have been meeting with some different companies recently looking at ways we can increase the benefit of the content on our sites for our users.

Customer dropouts in our purchase funnel

Hi All, DavidW sent a message ‘round with some thoughts on the Dixons delivery screen. Metrics are indicating this step in the purchase process triggers lots of abandoned baskets.

Dyson gets social media wrong?

This from tweetie and the brain an interesting look at how Dyson is speaking to customers with Twitter

Arty-farty designer

Quite liked design is just making things line up too:-)

Good web sites?

Just a little list of sites that i have encountered…

Successful web pages and the revenue they generate

Would it be a good idea to find out which of the many web pages we work on each month make money?

Hello from London Town

Just in case you guys were wandering what we do all day ;-)

El babino

Meet Sebastian…

Bad Dug

Sorry all, I was mucking around with turning on comment subscription and broke the comment template. Have mended it now.

Hockney watermarks

Love Hockney’s dances with technology and commerce… Don’t know if any of you have played with the Hockneyizer application (loads of fun) which is based on his work with the SX70 Polaroid format in the 1970’s (this...

Do we need Basecamp?

With so many people and so many projects, would some kind of project management tool be appropriate?

iPad or iSlate?

I like the iPad, and i like the HP SLate but which is better? There is only one way to find out……

Thought I’d try a different template…

I think the other one was prettier but this one has more stuff activated. Decisions decision;-)


On the theme of new internet technologies and the future of the internet (and how IE probably wont be able to deal with it). Here’s a comprehensive site on HTML 5.

Leaving IE6 behind

I have posted an article about the IE6 on my blog click the link below.

My first letters-through-mailboxes session

I’d love to know what got me started on this thing…

GiffGaff negotiating their value propositions with customers

Have been thinking about how brands need engagement systems built on dialogue and transparency (and risk-sharing and access to commercial data) and had a bit of a smile this weekend as I’ve just activated my new G...

On the topic of emails

I use a service called campaignmonitor to send emails to clients and prospects (well, not now of course) and they do a really great job of keeping the ideas flowing. They write articles about emails that worked pa...