Successful web pages and the revenue they generate

Follow May 17, 2010 · 1 min read
Successful web pages and the revenue they generate
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Would it be a good idea to find out which of the many web pages we work on each month make money?

The web team spends hours, days and sometimes even weeks working on web tasks that meet the demands of marketing campaigns, yet I don’t see any evidence of successes other than the DW meeting. I’m sure there are many successful campaigns every week - but do I miss an email? Am I not reading something I’m sent?

I think as an eye opener, being made aware of what makes money and what doesn’t, I would certainly concentrate my efforts on the quick wins and less on the projects generating little return on investment.

These conversion reports could also help marketing prioritise how much time should be spent on such projects based on the revenue they are likely to generate.

Would it be possible to log web pages with Leona and get reports back on revenue generated based on hours worked?

Just a thought.

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