Argos TV finder

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Argos TV finder
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It wasn’t long ago when multi-facets were the new thing in navigation and findability on websites. Today, multi-faceted navigation has become so common that you just expect a good online retailer to have it. In fact, you probably expect it to do more to help you find the right product e.g. richer facets like features etc etc…

Now it’s all about how to make this process of narrowing products a bit more personal. You want your favorite online retailer to tell you what products are right for you, hence my post today.

It’s something we touched on at London Bridge, and one I am really keen to explore. Having said that, I have already started seeing our competitors having a go at it. Just came across this page on the Argos website:

Nice idea, but I think this can be done a lot better. The interaction is awful and rotating flash is just not working for me. There is an opportunity here for quite a few of our categories. I guess the challenge for us is around giving our online customers the same rich experience we are trying to push instore. Do you think this works? Have you come across anyone else doing it?

Link to Argos TV finder

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