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I’ve spent a few minutes looking at a typical user flow from the point of view of a comparison shopper and wanted to share some thoughts based on landing pages. In this case Washing machines

A user lands on a generic listing page of relevant products which succeeds in the first golden rule–answer the question!

Some thoughts I had for the future, maybe in conjunction with a MVT integration, would be to make the page stickier for comparison shoppers and provide more reasons to purchase with {brand} and not another site.

Whilst most shoppers may compare by price alone, it’s worth considering other emotions involved in the buying psyche.

  • Why book with {brand}? USPs provide the user reasons to use your brand, beyond price alone.These may be reputation, product offering etc.
  • Comprehensive guides. Positioning yourself as a expert in an area will create confidence in your customer.

Beyond these fairly simple quick wins, I’ve listed a few ideas for landing pages which may be worth considering as you see fit.

  • Incorporate reviews / review score into listing--customers can quickly establish high performing products.
  • Allow the customer to filter their results further. These could extend to review score, home delivery, reserve and collect etc
  • Cross-sell relevant items (ie) tumble dryers with washing machines
  • Competitor pricing--(one for legal) whether {brand} is cheaper or equal to your competitors pricing
  • Emphasis on urgency--There are {x} items left "order now to avoid disappointment"

Just a few more observations, please use as you feel appropriate–you now the business better than I.


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