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Jed writes about life as a Devon councillor

Joe Frank

The trucking of illegal immigrants into the U.S. leads to prison at a small, liberal arts lock-up. There, we meet Jones, the huge, black king of the penitentiary and his white slave warden, Farrington. Eventually,...

Spent the day watching two young persons

In cheap black suits and unpolished DMs sit at a reception desk.

My heart

Is filled with darkness right this second.

Try searching for Gwen Thomas…

…the Association of Photographers’ rights negotiator and European Pyramide representative and end up without her email address, but with the knowledge that if I want to I can see my chakras spinning :-)

On hold…

The guy (an HP employee) replied “what’s Postscript?” this is like a baker not knowing about flour, a children’s television producer not having watched “Sesame Street” or the president not knowing the constitut...

In Dug's really old stuff,


What is the Dana Centre? I wondered, speculating as to whether it might be a musical venue commemorating the life and times of Ireland’s first Eurovision winner in 1970. Or a Bulgarian cultural centre? In fact i...

Tracy Island

I make tracy Island out of yellow play-do and get as far as the nice abstract blob of the island, the runway with the fold-back trees and am just starting on the Mies VDR square buildings when CU-1 attacks and eat...


Base campers

So I’ve been using Basecamp as the project extranet for the Lecture List. It’s just fantastic to see a web-based tool so well implemented, it’s a beauty, it’s fast, it just works very very well :-)

iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Programme

As I mentioned before, a nice UPS man took my iBook away to be mended under Apple’s iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Programme

The American President

So I have this theory…

Referential integrity

Actually, not exactly–it’s just that I can’t remember the actual term that describes how the virtual representation of a “folder” behaves like a real-world folder in the way it respects Newtonian physics (i.e. it ...


Nick and I are always being amazed that the moment we have a good idea for something, bang–someone else does it :-)

The sound of the 2-stroke

Have you heard of The Annoying Thing?

For those who still believe in the power of snail mail

Just wanted to let you know that nine (9) letters and five months later, Orange has finally come clean.

Yahoo Groups

Just tried to join the Yahoo Group of a project I’m working on.

In things Dug cares about, In Dug's really old stuff,


Robotron anyone? (double-joystick arcade machines really were mmmm)

Strange and wonderful…

You just can’t beat that Dell service

It’s amazing how right Apple gets it when it gets it right :-)

I’ve been brewing vitriol about my iBook…

Like more specifically how the video card seems to have died one month out of warrantee (grrr). While it is almost amusing how entirely disabled I’ve been since loosing the little thing, I thought y’all might be a...


And while I’m posting, I just wanted to add that after almost two years of me speaking not a word of English to her, little CU-1 has finally starting saying a few words of French…


So I was reading this blog and the woman behind it had a coat of arms on her contact page. This coat of arms was created by some crazy enthusiast who is carrying on the lions rampant, balls bezant argent and c. He...

They’re out

The WFMU playlist composers best of 2003 is out

Re -- you did know about this, didn’t you?

The ever helpful Mr Chris Carline wrote to me yesterday to remind me of the good old fashionned way of getting one’s site listed on a search engine. When was the last time you heard the phrase “search engine regis...

What’s the deal with Google?

As I mentioned earlier, James has joined the ranks of the online ranters;-)

Copying files off your iPod

Just thought I’d mention that the music files on your iPod are not hidden or copy protected. To download them, you can use the terminal to navigate to the right folder, and then issue a “ditto -rsrc” to copy them ...

Late, as ever

Found this on Billy’s iPod (I can’t believe I hadn’t heard this before–have spent the last hour laughing out loud)

VNC on Symbian phones

Steve Allam is a maniac who has ported the VNC client to the Symbian os (P800 screenshot) which is both completely pointless and very very cool :-)

Guest blog

Jed writes about life as a Devon councillor

Sola, perdutta abbandonata

Other sopranos only sing ‘Vessi d’arte’ in Tosca. Only Callas talks to God.

Sex and death

Nick and I took CU-1 to see the Turner Prize show at the Tate yesterday. Much fun was had all around, in particular by winding up guards by pulling on exhibit ropes and by attempting to eat the Chapmans’ worms (wh...


James just handed me an FT article about the nursery chain industry.

Tea and shill bidding

Am sitting here of a Thursday afternoon listening to the conversation at the Scarlet tea party happening in the adjoining desk-space. I don’t know when people stopped talking about sex, real-estate or even the wea...


Cool, well written and very useful. If you’re as in the dark as I am with RegEx patterns, this will help:

More fun with timesaving

Don’t know if this was always the case and I just missed it, but the new version of photoshop has a nice refinement to the “Hue/Saturation” dialogue. When you click on “colorize”, the hue you start with is based o...


My struggle with France-Telecom continues apace. A couple of people expressed an interest in seeing the whole correspondence. I’ll post links to the files here once the dust has settled and we have some sort of re...