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I take it all back, orange

Well, the fact that they use javascript to forward certain page elements to other pages, including using javascript actions instead of using form submit buttons is infuriating and evil…

The things you find when cleaning out your disk

I was just cleaning out some backup space on the server, and you know how when you’re trying to throw away old magazines and you can’t help reading the articles and you end up not throwing half of them away?

Bathroom designer in London

If anyone reading this has had a good experience with bathroom designers (that’s another word for building contractor…) in London, UK please drop me an email with contact details. I’ve spent the day talking tub wi...


Nicki and I just had a fantastic day down in Kent.There’s a particularly enjoyable type of British leisure activity that involves grey skies, wet lay-bys and hot mugs of tea (or pints of real ale) and today was de...

What is this log about (additional notes)

Ruth, my mother, reads this log and has sent in corrections about the previous post. I have edited the post the get the facts straight (thanks Ruth). I’m trying to get her to keep her own web log as I know so litt...

What is this log about?

When I started the log, it was going to be somewhere for me to put thoughts about our pregnancy. It seemed like I had never written anything down and life was most definitely feeling like sand between fingers. So ...

I’d just like to say whoever built the orange website is a w*****

And whoever’s in charge at Orange and has done nothing about it for the last two years is an even sadder w*****.

Feeling a bit bleugh today…

I can’t seem to focus. Just got a lovely T68 (phone) that has this gizmo where you plug a digital camera in and now all I can think of how cool it would be to buy the (too expensive) camera…

Oldey but goldey (reminded me of a smile I’d had)

NASA fakes moon landing! (reprinted without permission from brainsluice)

I was designing commercial websites in 1992

Don’t you get tired of reading biographies on websites that say the person was there at the beginning of the commercial internet? Just as a reality check, the next time someone points out how they were writing for...

Things you don't remember from childhood

Nicki and I had dinner with Billy and Ohna last weekend. We got talking after dinner about stuff that happened years ago when we were kids growing up in France. There’s been quite a lot of talk about childhood rec...

In childhood memories,

Microsoft promotes software theft

I wonder if Microsoft would be willing to pay me for the hours I lose attemping to repair damage caused by their software? Office v.X is beautiful to look at, but has a number of ‘surprise’ features designed to wa...

A friend of mine just sent his cv to a prospective employer

…and asked me to have a look at it first. The guy has the most amazing list of jobs on it. In one, he describes how he had Harrier fighter/bombers drop 500 pound charges around the building he was working in. The ...

The web never ceases to amaze me “dating, romance and friendship with other Iranian people around the world” - fantastic.

Few things give me as much pain and pleasure as typography

but this em thing is killing me– just got off the phone to Ben in DC and he says the type’s to small. How can that be? 0.8EM (fractionaly smaller than your usual) seemed like a WAI compliant, sensible, robust and ...

Aside from miscalculating my lovely em measures

and just generally being ugly and crap, win98 and win2000 are failing to render my head-of-dug graphic. Arse. Take a look at the source code - we’re validating to xhtml here. The mac (OS9 and X) versions of IE ren...

If you are American read this

The following is an address from the President of the United States of America (one of the actual ones).

In things Dug cares about,

Messing with templates again

Been messing with templates (there should now be exactly thirty characters in every line) - ed and del buttons might not work terribly well. Oh, I finally wrote my first review for the food site - the trick is to ...

Bad navigation can kill

Ok, strange train of thought here. I’m listening to a song by Serge Gainsbourg “Torrey Canyon” and I have this terrible habit of listening to music without decoding the words. It’s crap really, but for a long time...

Normaly I’m not a huge Mondays fan

But we had a great week-end. Nicki and I drove out to the Suffolk coast and spent the week-end at Andrew’s wee house in Thorpeness. Andrew and Peter have just got a dog (he’s called Potter) which meant lots of wal...

More fun with ems and ens

There’s a great article by Peter K. Sheerin on alistapart for those out there who care about both web and typographic standards. Well worth taking a look at, but watch out for some sub-editorial quirks (remember t...

Am sitting down to write my first piece for the food site

But am sleepy, so sleepy… Why is it any time I try and write a review I get sleepy and crash? Darn!

Re -- flat

Hi Mom,

Another leader for the table-weary masses

Bless his cotton socks - he is Donimo and if you haven’t been there already, you’ll find his impressive source of CSS_politik at:

Owen Briggs

I wish I had more time to share my thoughts on the current crop of CSS issues. This from Owen Briggs’ excellent website (reprinted here without permission)

One of the reasons I got over my futuresplash obsession

Before they changed its name to “Flash” (I really need to take a look at the use of case on this site). I’ve followed the development of flash from its infancy and have been endlessly impressed by its capabilities...

System update

I thought this application worked so well, I modified it to regenerate four other diary-style web sites. Oops. Oh well, these things always go a little wrong at first ;-)

don’t know if anyone is using this blog

But I thought I’d mention that I’d spotted a bug (a spare double quote in the markup) which was breaking the newer link in the site masthead. Should work ok now.

State of mind

This is the last week of/01/2002. Nicki (My wife) is six months pregnant with our first baby. I’m deep in a new-business struggle (If someone had told me I’d have to weather another recession I’d have laughed - wh...

Tribe s.a.f.s. news from New York

On Sunday, January 27, 2002, at 10:54 AM, josé-antionio sobrino reineke wrote:


OK the stylesheet is being tampered with a lot today – mea culpa. Apologies for purple type on purple background;-) Actually, the current scheme was created by Nicki, for a wall in our flat…

Drifting further into uncharted web typography

Ok so now the width of this column is defined as thirty times the width of a monospaced character. If you zoom your browser’s type-size settings in and out, the width of the column should expand and contract such ...

Mahir Çağrı

I wonder what he’s up to these days…

In the best of early internet memes,

Fair fa yer honest sonsi face

Great chieftan o the puddin race. Have you learnt your poems? We’re off to Billy and Ohna’s tonight, and by the time the cron job that posts these things runs I hope to be largely whisky :-)

Diary - Saturday 26 January

Hilda and husband came round to look at the flat (Dug and Nicki live in a groovy two-bed flat in West End Lane in London - a flat that requires some serious work that Dug was supposed to deal with but didn’t) this...

This type is too big (or is it too small?)

Spending one’s Christmas with family really reminds one of that not all web users have good eyesight.

Is this a Blog?

Chris ( said why not make a web log (a Blog) so I thought, sure, this year has been crazy, maybe I should keep a record of it.

It’s a source of much mirth and jocularity

That I have the spelling skills of a four-year-old. Taunts and jeers to if you please.

Jane Birkin:-)

I wanted to clap and say ‘thank you’ and get her autograph and tell her how much I loved her work. But I didn’t.

In childhood memories,

Testing MGI

sorry ass excuse for middleware…