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11 March 1934

Well, it’s the 11th of March again, Mom’s birthday. She would have been 79 years old today.

In our story,

The things Nicki does for love

Had to post this, amazing what Nicki does for the wee-uns. Tomorrow is come as your favourite book character day (well, World Book Day) and the above is the raw materials for a Hermes costume:-)

Woody Allen

Behold your Dad’s best Woody Allen expression (yeah, not convinced either).

School days

CU-1 on tender-hooks yesterday as councils were due to send out emails at 17.30 with news of secondary school places. Just noting this down here for CU-1 (which was the original point of me writing all this stuff)...

Scale comparison of common longboard decks

This is so awesome. One of the things that drives me nuts at longboard shops is how hard it is to compare relative board lengths. The comparison is made trickier as it’s not just the size of the deck it’s also the...

In the joy of rediscovered longboarding,

Maximisation isn’t

Wow, sure I love Jason as much as the next guy but this really really resonated…

Thank you Shorter-Rochford

The Avanade Palace 2 Palace team at the start on The Mall

11 -- 11 -- 2012

So last year I was able to post Fred’s letters from the trenches. This year I thought I’d remember Aunt Polly. She had four boys: Eddie; Frederick; Richard and Artie.

Kasper the friendly GHOST

I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to do a doctorate. Spend a few years deep-diving into an intractable or obscure problem… Well this just came in the mail this morning:

It’s amazing how quickly your entire life can collapse

I’m finding it hard to raise funds for the Prince’s Trust and part of it is that Americans see the “Prince” in the title and assume the money goes to the Queen… Here’s the story of Craig, a young person whose life...

I bought your product. Now boss me around.

Having just finished a big SAP UX project, I’ve been thinking about how large software vendors typically (I should say historically as this is beginning to change) transfer risk and pain to the end user. Here’s an...


Saw this question on a forum and had to answer:

Whetstone to NC12 and on to Stevenage

27.63 mi Road Cycling in London on 15 Sep 2012 17:57 and more rides in London, United Kingdom on MapMyRIDE. Find ride

Meet "Paperplayer" a new approach to mp3 playing

Have been playing with so here’s a concept to get us started. It’s called “Paperplayer” :-)

The future is apps you don’t open

It centers around the idea that apps shouldn't force us to add new behaviors. Instead, they should strip away needless, interruptive steps from themselves and the way we live our lives, until the solutions to our ...

Incredible things

Incredible and beautiful things created by (wrenchmonkees)[]


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