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Well, haven’t posted much recently, I’ve been working like a dog—sleeping three or four hours and getting straight back to the computer. No fun (Jack dull boy)…

Display problems?

I’ve been getting news of display problems. Apparently, these pages are not completely rendering in IE5 mac and IE5Win98. I’m having a hard time isolating the problem, so have to revert to a cheesier stylesheet th...

Things that work as they should

Just ordered Adrian Frutiger’s l’Homme et ses signes in a rather delicious edition by Atelier Perrousseaux. I believe he wrote the original in German, but this edition from 2000 updates and refines the French edit...


Just wanted to extend some sympathy to Tom, who has been burglared. It happened to me in New York and I know exactly what you mean about the camera, Tom.

Can’t find a mob in your area? Why not start one?

Saw a piece on NTK about a site which had been shut down at the request of a Jim Pearce from the met’s Obscene Publications Unit (though the fax header seems to say “clubs and vice” whatever that means…). All that...

…everybody knows…we like donkeys…lalala…

Not entirely sure what this has to do with donkeys really. But check it out anyway (with your sound turned on).

I’m always the last to spot these things

Where do you want to go today? Try typing “go to hell” into Google.

Frederic Goudy

Have just downloaded the Iraq dossier. While the body of the text is rather crudely set in workmanlike Times Roman, the title page has been worked up by some anonymous designer at the HMSO.

Search semantics

Ok, I’d like someone to explain what the robot or crawler or whatever it is that keeps searching for “quaint or donkey or prosodic or compels or counterbalance” is doing? Is it a component of some large web-catalo...


Have just re-discovered a photo library I used when I worked in New York. They’re called IBID. They were the first to organise photoshoots with the specific aim of producing one-half of an ad (the other being the ...


People have been asking about Nicki’s car. The news so far is that Clive Sutton, the UK dealership has replaced it with apologies and we are waiting for the official response from Daimler-Chrysler. If I had polls ...

The good old days of terrorism

I was thinking about Orwell’s Ministry of Information again today and started trying to find some bad guys to focus on. I’m showing my age a bit here, but it seems to me that Carlos, Andreas and Ulricke and even y...


Congratulations to Scary Duck for taking away the Guardian BBB. I’m embarrassed to admit I’d not read the duck before, but in any case, there’s five-hundred pounds headed for the pub:-)

Tweed, gunpowder and blood

Piece in the Guardian today with editorial commentary re the countryside alliance march.

Weapons of moderate destruction

Salam’alicum, today is officially Iraq dossier day. The dossier is a document in which the Ministry of Truth Tony Blair attempts to explain to the nation why we should invade Iraq, topple the government and superv...

Why do I evangelise Apple?

Man I am getting sick of supporting Apple. I mean it’s one long lonely road, you know? I used to believe my box was better than the other guy’s windoze machine, but now I’m getting really bored of paying for the s...

Being a Muslim is getting difficult

Came accross this site (in French) as a result of searching my referer logs. Some assumption-challenging stuff here, from the perspective of a Muslim living in a Western country—things like problems with what they...

Threat to world peace

Good Guardian today. Nelson Mandella reckons America is a ‘threat to world peace’ and something we already suspected about the Tories (they make you want to kill yourself, apparently)


Chrimble has just pointed out that the London Fire Brigade looks just like Automan when photographed at three am

Warm leatherette (Spontaneous Vehicular Combustion)

Ok, in a week where it looked like nothing unusual was going to happen, something finally did.

Busy busy busy

Well, letting the side down again I’m afraid—things are getting a bit frantic at work (which is good). Just crankin away at my “to do” list… Ok, I’d better provide a link: just had a slightly surreal conversation ...

Get your war on

I can’t believe this was posted almost a year ago and I never came across it. There’s fourteen pages of it too:-)

Where are the lawyers

My uncle Jim stayed in Paris for a year and came out with a new mantra, “where are the lawyers?”—he would spend hours watching crazy French game shows where contestants performed acts that fear-of-lawsuit would ba...

Big in China

Good to know donkey is not being filtered out by Chinese censorship (thanks, Tom)

Woo-hoo, I’m gonna be on TV

Have just been interviewed by Aline Pestana, a very nice lady from the International Herald Tribune TV station (from Rio, actually) - she’s interviewed Tom Coates and now me! (we are not worthy, grovel grovel) - a...


Makes me want to take off all my clothes and do naughty things:-)

The Guardian

well, if you are in the UK and you read blogs, you’ll have heard about the Guardian’s “best British weblog” competition. Well, the competition closed last Friday, so the judges are hard at it right now.

More milestones

Took CU-1 to her first swimming lesson yesterday. Nick walked up and down the pool with her in various positions and she seems to like it. Keep this up and we’ll have a wee swimmer in no time :-)

History (Pay attention, George)

Well, it’s just gone midnight here in London and I thought I’d scribble few thoughts about 9/11 before going to bed.

Just because you’re disabled

doesn’t mean you can’t be an evil swine. Billy discovers this (with full history and gory details re Blunkett)

Fambly stuff

Dear family members, CU-1 is now officially too big for her carry-cot. Her proper cot was moved into our bedroom yesterday, and her carry-cot has been folded up and put away (for the next baby?)…

Oils, hard, wood, boards, breasts

well, I’m not sure what CU-1 made of the Rubens… I still can’t get over how bright and clean it is. In some sense this makes it seem more of a fake, but the Delila figure is so obviously his, I’m going to side wit...

Sunny day

We’re off to the National Gallery to show CU-1 the disputed Samson and Delila. Recently, a work was attributed to Rubens and sold for a huge pile of cash. Ever since then, the experts have been haggling about the ...

Security by obscurity

And on the topic of airport, this is unbelievable, a piece of software with security by obscurity actually built in

Cigar ash in my keyboard

Scaffolding is gone (woohoo). What a week… am at this mo typing via 802.11 on a blanket amongst the weeds in the garden :-) I’m chewing on a very moist montechristo number two (the torpedo roll) and have just crac...


You know, when I got my first job in advertising, Mike was being asked to sell Reagan to Black America. When Mike starts a small new media business, I was starting a small new media business, and darn, now that I’...

ICANN Strikes

From ICANN - taking action against Verisign

The stuff

I thought should stick around for a couple of minutes before disappearing down the cronological listings:

Blood from a stone

This from the MGI-Talk list (Thanks, Joe) this guy is invoicing Verisign for his wasted time:

Sashinka’s dietcoke bigmac AOL speak?

I am so incredibly busy today so why do I keep posting this nonsense? And dude, you have to read this. It’ s like, totally.