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Blue and orange Gulf-strip 917

Yes, I was a teenager in the 70s, and yes, I was a motor racing fan growing up in France, so the Le Mans 24H race was a fairly big deal. Anyway, this might explain my feeling of joy as I came across this fan site ...

ambient sound branding

Ok, you know that sound that goes with the pentium 4 or intel or whatever, you know the one. Well, I thought aural branding was supposed to work by creating a familiar feeling, a bit like smell (ahh, I know this p...

Dug finds religion

And decides to join Brigham Young University, though I haven’t seen Austrian soil since new year’s eve 1970 (I still remember walking through people’s legs in this major apres-ski party).

Damn it, I know I entered an —

Bloggers out there who struggle with <textarea>-based editing tools might want to check this out. It’s a little script that converts your standard ascii into marked-up entities:-)

Head over heels in a large plastic ball

Last night, Piers (Piers and Cally had come over for dinner) suggested I try this. As I seem to remember thinking it was a good idea at the time, I can only assume the wine at dinner was good…

Donkey in the press

Those readers with web-designey bent might wish to have a look at a list apart this week as <shamelessplug>your’s truly has written an article about grid systems</shamelessplug> which is either the mos...


Have just read that ram speeds are increasing more slowly than processor, bus and disk speeds. The implication is that apps built to use ram (like Perl) will begin to loose favour.

Joy of registration

Just got this in the mail…

Atom40 make stone tables (really)

Wow, a press ad and a web site and it took a good 30 minutes to figure out what it was about.


Absent-mindedly pick up the Nov02 issue of wallpaper that Nicki left on my desk and start to flick…a piece about Stavanger, the town in Norway my gran came from, oh look, an interesting looking ad…it says to go to...

It’s a modern miracle

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a ‘server’ and a ‘workstation’? You know, you need to buy a machine and are flicking through those little Dabsdirect catalogues that seem to multiply on you do...

Casualty 751090

I’ve found this page helpful.

Poppies (Monday isn’t Sunday)

I had a discussion with my Dad when I was down in Devon a couple of weeks ago. He was questioning why I don’t wear a poppy at this time of year.

Almond magnums

dear all, it has been mighty quiet of late on Donkey. If I carry on like this I’ll end up on, a combination of total IT meltdown (no workstation, no powerbook), freakout over building works (my dodgy...

Cooked a couple malards

For tea yesterday. Roasted them whole on a bed of garlic, chilli, parsley and plums. Added liberal quantities of delicious French organic butter, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Going on holiday frees your mind

To think about the really important things like why, in American Pie II is the band-camp so close to the beach house?


So I’m sitting at a table at the Welcome Break just up the M1 working on the actionscript Andy sent me last night and I go to paste it back into his file when tarnations, I realise I’ve only pulled the .swf off th...


Came across the website of an airport’s chapel while searching for airport advertising billboard specs and was amazed by this description. Part of me thinks PC a step too far, while the rest of me is still trying ...

Normal service

Well, got home last night and had a very therapeutic cry. I’ve been letting things stack up recently and really need a break. Faiq, my evil scumbag neighbour manages to add his two cents of pain and frustration to...


A shitty day




Dear Faiq,

Thank you John Trubee

Not sure what reminded me of this song. (Lyrics reproduced without permission)


Spam with added Flash—a little bandwidth borrowing from a spammer:-)


Tuesday evening…


Well, it had to happen, on Wednesday night I grabbed a bag and ran out of the house leaving a pile of smelly dishes and the cat behind me. I got to Dunblane (that’s a place in Scotland, which is not next to Mexico...


Once again, proof that New Yorkers have far too much time on their hands…


Very tasty lunch at Liz and Stu’s. Liz prepared jambon persillé the proper way (boil pig’s trotter with aromatics etc.). I haven’t had home made meat jelly in a long time, bit of a treat really. She followed that ...


They don’t keep their software up to date in a way that is useful to the user, but I won’t go there…


You know, there’s nothing more pitiful than an empty cot:-(


There is no way this really works, is there?

PS2 (the boy inside)

On the theme of selfish pleasures, I picked up a Playstation 2 a few weeks back. The replays in Gran Turismo are just too gorgeous for words. Take your Tommy Makinen Evo VII around Tokyo special stage 11 in the mi...

Selfish pleasures

Am off to see Woody Harrelson and Kyle MacLachlan in ‘On An Average Day.’ Reviews are good—will report back:-)

The good old days of terrorism (bis)

I was catching up with my newspaper reading this evening, when I came across a story which describes in coherent terms what I was talking about in the earlier post re Baader-Meinhof, Carlos et al.


I came home from the train station with a secret plan to smoke a gorgeous cuban cigar in the bath while reading the newspaper cover to cover with no disturbance but in the end I already miss little CU-1:-(

Aliterative packing

breast pads bra birkenstocks…

Family type news (ie baby talk)

News for CU-1 fans and followers…


Have never watched Parky til now. Saw Bowie and Hanks a couple of weeks ago and am currently listening to Fry and Williams. I think I can safely say that Parky is the daddy.

West Wing series I

Have just watched the twenty-two episodes of West Wing’s first series. I have to say, DVDs of favourite televisions shows rock. Now if I could only get someone to buy me the whole Star Trek collection I could fest...