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Travis Downs - Adding Staticman Comments...

Debugging Staticman using this fantastic write-up how-to

Take, don't give. A short conversation about fighting a killer virus...

This thing by Luke Andreski just popped up on Twitter. In the spirit of remembering things in a slightly longer form, I’m keeping the link here.

IFoughtTheLaw369... IS BACK!!!

Back in 2009 I linked to a fantastic cover of Police Truck by a young woman posting Youtube videos of her playing guitar with Dead Kennedys playing in the background.

Larry Brilliant 2006 TED talk on epidemics and how we stop them

The TED embed code doesn’t seem to be working for some reason so here’s the video on

Cathy O'Neil comments on COVID-19

I’ve been running numbers in my head and trying to keep up with the WHO data files on Github but everytime I start mocking-up a visualisation I stop and wonder how true all of these numbers are?

New York Times, 27 March 2020

This cover of the New York Times really jumped out at me, the bar on the right is the number of applications for unemployment.

Old pictures

Still digging through the old Donkey images folder. I’m guessing half of these ancient pics don’t have a post associated with them anymore seeing as I’ve broken the canonical URL at least twice in the Twenty years...

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Stevie the wonderpup and her friends

Having just been prompted to share pics of Stevie on Linkedin I thought I’d better pop a few on here.

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Balenciaga Fall Winter collection at Paris Fashion Week

Just wow. This show just popped up on France24. The collection was presented in a post climate disaster scene, broken stormy skies, floods in the arena and the first few rows of seats inaccessible to the usual a-l...

Mashup joy, this is NHS meets a DKs classic

Just came across this bit of amazing on Twitter. is just such an amazing idea:-)

My first digital camera, the Canon Digital Ixus. (184-162)

The template running Donkey doesn’t have a gallery template as such so I’ve fixed the links to the older Ixus pics.

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Generation Why

Just came across this interesting point/counterpoint post by Patrick Di Justo on the values of generation Y as applied to organisational structure

Happy birthday Mum

So today is Ruth’s birthday.

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Margaret Calvert

So have just noticed Chi Onwurah’s tweet about #InternationalWomensDay2020 where she brings up the contributions of Ada Lovelace and Katherine Johnson and am struck by how empty the house is:-(

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IR35 Part Deux, The Hunger

So have just received my first ‘mock-paye’ payslip (aka inside-IR35). My first question is down to the wording; what is an “applicable company deduction”. I ask because I thought you were saying my company wasn’t ...

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Just said good-bye to you and Mum

Mom called to say you were struggling so I left work early this week to see how I could help back up in Scotland.

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Referencing references

Just walked past an optician in Soho with a poster for Michel Henau glasses in the window. Love these mashups of 60s and 70s French celebs with Japanese names (Deneuve = Namaste? not sure how that works but I smil...

Saying "No"

I spoke on a topic that’s become very near and dear to my heart in the past few years: saying “no”. It might be saying no to a project or job, or even something that you think you can’t say no to, but finding th...

First week of riding Brakeboard - video review

So I hacked a short video review of the Brakeboard truck and wheel kit (version 3.5) together last night. Quality’s a bit rubbish but perfect being the enemy of done etc. so I’ve just uploaded it. Key product deta...

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The Amen Break and happy Hogmanay

Checking your phone on Hogmanay eh? This piece from 2013 on the amen break just popped up in my twitter feed via and got me thinking of challenges ahead (I also love the fact that the talk is a dis...

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Alliance Francaise

Grandad Jed sent me a photocopy of an old Art Directors annual showing an award for a pro-bono TV ad Y&R did for the Alliance Francaise back in (I think) 1970.

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Goodbye Michael Bland

Mesothelioma is an evil fucking thing. It just cut a notch for Air Vice Marshall Rear Admiral Sir Michael Bland and leaves Charlotte, Natalie and Christine without father and husband:-(

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The general election, 8 June 2017

OK Kids, the election is this Thursday. Your dad has been discussing the issues on Twitter but he’s found that some things are hard to explain in 140 characters. So here in long-form are some things your dad belie...

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Saturdays with no fencing

Saturday with CU-1–we saw many things this afternoon.

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Article 50 was triggered today

OK kids, it happened today. The PM (Theresa May at this point) triggered Article 50 by formally delivering a letter to the EU (pictures of bloke doing the delivering in all the papers). It’s a 2-year process, this...

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Brakeboard assembly

OK so it’s embarrassing but I can’t slide. I am learning but at my age and limited free time and other excuses it’s taking a while…

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So I love this talk by Matt Webb

Science vs bigot smackdown

Just seen this amazing post on Twitter. The 140 character limit means it’s a screengrab so I thought I’d transcribe it as this is definitely one I want the kids to read:-)

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Today Treacle died

There is just nothing more pathetic that the little "missing" poster taped to your neighbourhood lampposts. The last time I printed up a poster like this was for Darcy, Nicki's first cat in our home...

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Shoutnews Content Marketing and SEO

Glow Audio Voice One self-assembly

So I’ve lusted after a Glow setup for years. Love the Glow One amp and figured I’d need a pair of the very beautiful Voice One speakers to go with. Unfortunately, they’re a bit pricey for a whim and with shipping ...

SONOS wants my NPS rating?

SONOS keeps asking me to participate in NPS surveys. Today I thought I’d share my feedback.

Are we really going to blame all our problems on immigration?

Here we go again? I know thinking is hard, but why are we so easily tempted by lazy reasoning?

If a Daily-Mail-reading fifty-something doesn't establish a narrative quickly, Europe is going to implode:-(

So the way I’ve been writing in Jekyll means I name the post before writing. I titled this one Europe needs a new narrative before Googling around and finding this initiative. Looks like an interesting effort but ...

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CU-1 and Stevie doing the selfie thing in the garden

Yeah it’s all getting a bit cute but thought I’d keep this selfie CU-1 did with Stevie the wonderdog. As an old curmudgeon I’m not super thrilled with the amount of make-up CU-1 is insisting on using but I have to...

Friday the 13th and nothing has gone wrong. Yet.

This series by Hoyo (Hoyo Gran Epicure) are rolled and then stored in Cuba. I think this one was rolled in 2003 and then stored for official release in 2013. Really special, a lovely long and mellow smoke.

BIMA Hot 100 2016

So sooner or later these things happen to you. On the one hand it feels really creepy. On the other sort of cool and fun (and I hear BIMA throws a really good party).