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Hockney watermarks

Love Hockney’s dances with technology and commerce… Don’t know if any of you have played with the Hockneyizer application (loads of fun) which is based on his work with the SX70 Polaroid format in the 1970’s (this...

Do we need Basecamp?

With so many people and so many projects, would some kind of project management tool be appropriate?

iPad or iSlate?

I like the iPad, and i like the HP SLate but which is better? There is only one way to find out……

Thought I’d try a different template…

I think the other one was prettier but this one has more stuff activated. Decisions decision;-)


On the theme of new internet technologies and the future of the internet (and how IE probably wont be able to deal with it). Here’s a comprehensive site on HTML 5.

Leaving IE6 behind

I have posted an article about the IE6 on my blog click the link below.

My first letters-through-mailboxes session

I’d love to know what got me started on this thing…

GiffGaff negotiating their value propositions with customers

Have been thinking about how brands need engagement systems built on dialogue and transparency (and risk-sharing and access to commercial data) and had a bit of a smile this weekend as I’ve just activated my new G...

On the topic of emails

I use a service called campaignmonitor to send emails to clients and prospects (well, not now of course) and they do a really great job of keeping the ideas flowing. They write articles about emails that worked pa...

This was posted from the iPhone ui

Ok that is kinda cool…

Women who blog

I know there are countless “blogher” spinoff sites out there but this is our scratchpad so I figured I’d add them here…

Hide your search interface

The big Visa widget at the top has the shape, drop-shadow design and position of a search input box. This one kept trying to convince the auto-pilot part of my web users brain that I should click on it.

Very search interface

I recently tried out the @verynetwork web store to get a feel for what retailers are up to these days. This store is run by the same company that redeployed Woollies as a digital pure-play but doesn’t have the bra...

Gardening beard

One of the fun side-effects of not shaving for a few weeks is that you get to give yourself a funny beard before shaving it all off:-)

Is this an April Fool’s day thing?

Talk about what makes a great customer experience… My O2 iPhone has been down for four days now and no amount of calls to the ‘support’ line and emails to the help-desk seem to make any difference. If I can find t...

Stopping the Digital Economy Bill

Or at least lets make sure the darn thing gets a proper debate in parliament. The bit that frightens me most: Big Copyright getting the right to disconnect my daughter from the internet. I wished I had been record...

Ruth’s memory tree

We buried Ruth in clearing Jobbles Wood, down in Devon near her home. In the days before the ceremony people came together to decorate the area with plants and things made from the trees. One item was an apple tre...

In our story,

Ruth’s celebration, Sunday March 7, 2010

Ruth’s celebration was held at Salem Chapel East Budleigh, Devon, on March 7th 2010.

Ruth’s photos on Flickr

Thanks to all the folk who are sending in wishes. I need to apologise for not getting back to you, I don’t get reception in Budleigh on my work mobile so communication is very patchy. We’re saying goodbye to Ruth ...

Mom’s scrapbook, Thanksgiving 1963

Actually, while this one was on Mom’s shelf, I reckon the items where mostly collected by Dad, but nonetheless, I found this page quite moving

Why would you want to work at the beeb?

Look around your office, now imagine being a part of this massive redesign

Get well soon Grandma Ruth

CU-1 has recorded a song for Ruth who is unwell and is stuck in a hospital ward in Devon.

Wordpress themes

Ha, I keep getting comments on this one. True though isn’t it:-)

His oover’s in the loover

Tarnations, last I heard this song, Tom barged into a Futurism seminar and played the song as his class project (more than two years ago)

Your Parents Were Awesome

Been thinking a lot about my parents this afternoon… Came across this great shot of “Mike” on The site says it all Before the fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts, your p...

Big guys doing bad things to little guys

On the left above, some lovely work available for sale on Etsy and on the right, a tote bag for sale at Paperchase spot any similarities?

terreform 1 -- homeway

Fluid suburbs with houses that walk to work:-)

RFC822 Address (a bit of tech nonsense of a Friday eve)

Ahh looks like the old MT vs. Wordpress flame war may be heating up again. Not a fan of the bitching and defo supportive of Project Melody initiator Byrne Reese’s attitude that the Melody crew needs to keep to a p...

Can I just quote Stephen Fry on Stephen Jobs please?

Everyone is quoting the really great stuff from Stephen on the importance and likely reach of the iPad but after following Lynetter’s link I was struck by a different part of Fry’s text

The other side of a shiny new coin

The Free Software Foundation has been running the campaign for a number of years now, so it’s no surprise they set up a protest camp outside the Yerba Buena centre yesterday.

Skimmer building some social currency for Fallon

Just installed Fallon’s Skimmer app and as much as I’m uncomfortable with the Air platform I’m really enjoying it. They set out to achieve a few simple goals and have pretty much succeeded.