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Asquith Court Parents Association

There has been a real grassroots effort by the parents of kids at Asquith Court West Hampstead. It got so bad we moved CU-1 to a new nursery (which she calls her “new nursery” which is kinda cute…).


Evil hackers on IRC

OK, it’s abit geeky, but this story has just had me in stiches:-)

More ‘customer support’ nonsense

I got this note at work this morning. This is crazy as it’s now the second time I’ve got the note and for some reason, this company cannot operate outside its scripted customer support parameters. This a very impo...


A new kind of customer service

Just got this from Flickr…

Workflow for Movable Type

If you can get past the mind-bending idea of plugins having their own plugins, it really shows how plugin developers have taken a place next to strategy consultants, content mavens, and implementation experts in b...



Yesterday, I watched a man carry a little white box.


Wireless magic

Sitting in the car outside my flat typing this. Thank you open 802.11 networks :-)


Isobel Daisy Holmes

I know I do overdo it on the baby content, but I just this minute received this email:


Just about to drive back to London.


April Fool

Don’t miss OK/Cancel’s fabulous new ‘re-experiencing’ of their site :-)

Amsterdam for weejuns

So that was fun, if utterly exhausting (started my day 06:00 on Friday and got into my hotel bed at 01:30 only to be kicked awake by little girl at 06:30–and it went downhill from there on the sleep front).



Wey hey! Nicki has scored our little familly an all-expenses-paid press junket to the Dutch capital. Nick and CU-1 left earlier today and are currently enjoying that particular kind of Dutch hospitality (brusque?)...



I want one of these

Big boys playing nice (part two)

And in the spirit of lo-fi open source advertising, check this out. Anup Kurian is the director of an independent film showing at the Waterman’s in Brentford. He wrote in asking for help. Read the post, but go see...

Say no to 0870

A co-worker just passed this around:

Killing Chickens

Life just got easier it says. This just has to be a piss-take…

Wi-fi on the go

Just wanted to register my surprise at the poor quality of BTOpenzone’s wi-fi offering. Apart from the just plain cryptic interface of the wi-fi start page (the page your brower is redirected to when you attempt t...


Things stumbled across by accident

Just read this nice little emotional roller-coaster from Wil Wheaton’s blog.

Big boys playing nice

Well, Google is courting entertainment marketers apparently. The piece explains how new Google film listings are making studio bosses nervous. There’s some classic old-world thinking

I can feel a new banner campaign coming along

Still waiting to hear back from Fnac (a great place to buy French stuff - iTunes licensing doesn’t allow French ‘variété’ tracks on the UK store grr) re my earlier note to them.

Dispositif anticopie numérique

Cher Fnac, Je me fais un devoir de vous informer que (bien qu’ayant été sur le point de le commander) je ne vais pas acheter le cd “Le Fil” de Camille car la présence d’un “Dispositif anticopie numérique” est d...

Carbs ahoy

Just had my first roast potato in I don’t know how long.

Fascism Anyone?

From but all 14 features might fit us western 1rst worlders quite nicely too…

A Dangerous Commute

So yesterday, as the train was about five minutes out of Basingstoke…


We did a day trip to Manchester this Saturday to pick the little girl up. CU-1 spent the week with her cousins Holly, Tom and Eve while Nicki was in Hong Kong and it looks like she barely noticed her parents were ...


Consumers less satisfied?

I just got a link to a slightly strange article over on Clickz. It’s titled Consumers Less Satisfied With eBay and Amazon and goes into some depth explaining how big e-retailers are diluting their initially focuse...

St Valentine’s

Just overheard in Waitrose


Well, I just received a link to these configuration instructions for Firefox. A minute to apply and wey hey, better performance :-)


Pimp my ride

Just fabulous, thank you felicity :-)

CSS Negotiation

Great piece on CSS negotiation. Focus on minimal hacks with emphasis on code fragments that can ‘wilt’ away when negotiated browsers die off…


Nick Denton closes $25,000/month Sony deal

On the one hand, the deal is an old-fashioned sponsorship arrangement, but Sony’s marketers are testing the waters and this could be an early move towards a new kind of advertising that “does” more than “says”.


<img src=””” alt=”Star Trek DVD collection” height=”150” width=”114” class=”left” style=”float:left;border:none;” />

Pictures by colour

Very cool toy by a man called Jim. Colorfields lets you view random flickr images by colour tag. Fun:-)



Just dropped my tax return off at Euston Tower. It closes at 20:00 and there were queues of people snaking around the building. Kind of a funny atmosphere, a bit festive, a bit like first day at school…

Jailed for using a non-standard browser

This whole anti-terrorist thing is really getting out of control

It’s amazing how not being in pain cheers one up

It’s two o’clock and I’ve been shuffling around the office in my socks. I’ve stepped into my open-back Birkies a few times and joy oh joy, my legs are not acheing :-)