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Carbs ahoy

Just had my first roast potato in I don’t know how long.

Fascism Anyone?

From but all 14 features might fit us western 1rst worlders quite nicely too…

A Dangerous Commute

So yesterday, as the train was about five minutes out of Basingstoke…


We did a day trip to Manchester this Saturday to pick the little girl up. CU-1 spent the week with her cousins Holly, Tom and Eve while Nicki was in Hong Kong and it looks like she barely noticed her parents were ...


Consumers less satisfied?

I just got a link to a slightly strange article over on Clickz. It’s titled Consumers Less Satisfied With eBay and Amazon and goes into some depth explaining how big e-retailers are diluting their initially focuse...

St Valentine’s

Just overheard in Waitrose


Well, I just received a link to these configuration instructions for Firefox. A minute to apply and wey hey, better performance :-)


Pimp my ride

Just fabulous, thank you felicity :-)

CSS Negotiation

Great piece on CSS negotiation. Focus on minimal hacks with emphasis on code fragments that can ‘wilt’ away when negotiated browsers die off…


Nick Denton closes $25,000/month Sony deal

On the one hand, the deal is an old-fashioned sponsorship arrangement, but Sony’s marketers are testing the waters and this could be an early move towards a new kind of advertising that “does” more than “says”.


<img src=””” alt=”Star Trek DVD collection” height=”150” width=”114” class=”left” style=”float:left;border:none;” />

Pictures by colour

Very cool toy by a man called Jim. Colorfields lets you view random flickr images by colour tag. Fun:-)



Just dropped my tax return off at Euston Tower. It closes at 20:00 and there were queues of people snaking around the building. Kind of a funny atmosphere, a bit festive, a bit like first day at school…

Jailed for using a non-standard browser

This whole anti-terrorist thing is really getting out of control

It’s amazing how not being in pain cheers one up

It’s two o’clock and I’ve been shuffling around the office in my socks. I’ve stepped into my open-back Birkies a few times and joy oh joy, my legs are not acheing :-)

Dear CU-1

I’m guessing when you read this you’ll be quite a lot older and no doubt these ramblings will be served up in some as yet unimagined way. In any case there’s been a lot going on recently that I haven’t recorded.



So I’m contracting at a place that requires a bit more polish in the old dress code than I’m used to, so I’ve been dusting off my lovely old leather shoes. I’ve got a gorgeous pair of French ones that still look g...

Hidden usability features

Most good user experience is taken for granted, as is powerful information architecture. Recently I’ve been noticing hidden usability design features that don’t stand out until you put the objet out of its primary...

Blogger sacked for sounding off

So how did I miss this piece in the Guardian?

Blog calendars

You know, I put that calendar up there on the right because I could. I mean when I moved to Movabletype, the calendar seemed fun and possibly useful.

Where are all the Broadvision sites?

I used to spend a lot of time explaining to clients how powerful website personalisation was going to be for them and researching the technologies to do it. I remember one day, the people at Broadvision (a persona...

The British Museum -- current state assessment

Information architecture and current state assessment.


Have been playing with Flickr and it’s bloody brilliant :-) Have slowly started uploading pics (several v. integrated ways provided) and came across this shot of CU-1 playing with Kihlo’s monster teeth:

Picture stuff,

Gail’s boobs

OK, I do seem to be posting a lot of links to Gail’s Openbrackets but this one cracked me up…

PR, marketing and the blog

I think by now we no longer need confirmation that the blog is an accredited part of the communications mix. I’m guessing 2005 will see more mainstream blog awareness in the UK and who knows, by the end of the yea...


I’ve just discovered that James (Cherkoff) is in Sri Lanka and he’s OK. He normally checks in with a nudge to get a move on the day he’s back after Christmas, but this year, silence–Turns out Liz and James arrived...

Jay goes TV shopping

Just came across this and I can sooo empathise.


Comment spam

Jay Allen has just posted a link to the new Six Apart Guide to fighting comment spam over at Movabletype.

Jim Elve v. Skweezer

Boy I’ve just worked myself into a lather over at Barnett’s blog. Some chap in Canada has been going ballistic along the lines of his copyright is being infringed and his ad revenue swindled.

Better than gmail;-)

More bat than gmail, Dug is proud to anounce he can be reached at (is there a dangling modifier in there somewhere?)


And now, welcome to Skypecasting

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One reason I found the Internet so exciting when it first approached me to give a job, was its collaborative nature.

Comment spam, mtblacklist etc

Just wanted to explain what has happened to Donkey as a result of the recent spam attacks on MT installations.

MT ProNet discussion

Amen Jon Armstrong for putting into plain English the abstract pissed-off cess-pool that I’ve been brewing re MT category implementation. Thank you:-)

Donkey stuff

I was caught with my pants down by this bug in late September. After deleting both Donkey and Roblog databases I’ve finally found the time over Christmas to rebuild all the templates from scratch. So keep your MT ...

Old chestnuts roasting on the open fire

I’m just going to post this as is. I read a piece by Mark Kingdon To Flash, or Not to Flash? on ClickZ and was prompted to send a reply.