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links for 2007-04-19

{ style:phreak; } » Standard Forms - Updated nice form implementation but still uses tags. See div-less version at (tags: xhtml standards code) </li><...


Richard Feynman

A fan of Feynman writes an uplifting tribute: Richard Feynman: A Curious Character


Sean's amazing playlist

Tucking into the mega opus “Mood Aberdeen” created by Sean Wilke for Nick’s 40th birthday. It’s a huge thing, more than fifteen hours of solid jazz, expertly intertwining the classics with the obscure. Am currentl...

links for 2007-04-08

songs:illinois: "I don't wanna be Jar Jar Binks no more" - Star Wars twee from The Bobby McGee's Woo hoo great song from a compilation Billy is working on (tags: fun music)


links for 2007-04-05

Chalkhills: Making Plans for Nigel cutout characters Great little site with info re xtc stuff (tags: music xtc)


links for 2007-04-04 - /workshop/jquery_demo/ Great collection of jQuery demos (tags: jquery web2.0 code javascript)


links for 2007-04-03

Social Square Beautiful site with ligatures, e-sharps and even those viking "O"s (tags: blogging socialsoftware design typography,) Web avant-garde Henriette's "Green Meme", will hopefully get to it befor...


F****** Chancellor

Really loving my new employer. I just had to pay for a CHAPS transfer to ensure that I get paid on my payday. On top of that I have to pay GBP100/month to get paid at all.

Google fool’s day

Check out Google’s amazing new product TiSP.


Have just finished rolling out Jon Aquino’s Mental Garden: Twitter: Increasing number of twitters shown in Twitter blog badge but with the loop set to 5 instead of 10. Looks like it’s all working:-)


links for 2007-03-30

Formulare A collection of forms (really, you know, paper ones) (tags: design typography,)



OK, have just downloaded Twitterrific and it is good:-)

Tullo Marshall Warren

If you’re a regular donkey reader please ignore this post.


If something is private, I recommend not digitizing it and putting it online. Adding privacy features to a public service is dumb. 09:44 PM March 15, 2007 from web

I know it when I see it

Just re-read that last post. What a load of pants, let me try again…


links for 2007-03-27

Negonation Blog an open source project charged with the development of internationalization software for humans. (tags: translation blog rails ruby rubyonrails)


links for 2007-03-26

LOGO2.0 part I on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Nice collection of two-point-oh logos (tags: web2.0 identity)


Yahoo Flickr exploits

You know, I wasn’t going to get all huffy about it, but I just don’t believe the explanations coming out of Yahoo.

A donkey on the edge with ADD

Been playing with tumblr :-)

links for 2007-03-22

Les BadTalks - Bad Bad Blog - Le blog de Publicis Net Nice work from Publicis (tags: pub, web2.0)


links for 2007-03-21

Web2.0Slides | Web2.0 Slideshow a slideshow of two-point-oh sites maintained by a chap called Paul Terry Walhus (tags: web2.0) A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods Really, in a grid and all... (tags...



Recently, I’ve been working as part of the Orange group design and usability team. It’s been quite interesting as I’m involved with teams who are busy developing the offerings well into the future.

links for 2007-03-18 » Blog Archive » Read the Design of the Future in Helvetica (tags: typography, helvetica, signage)


links for 2007-03-17

Mer et Voile : Maltese Falcon, le yacht à voile révolutionnaire - "Une nouvelle page dans l'histoire du nautisme" The most unbelievable ship (tags: fun) The Maltese Falcon and again, just an amazing ship ...


sms oh my…

Interesting site centered on the use of sms: 160Characters Association


The challenges of daylight

So doesn’t anybody else think this daylight savings time (DST) thing is a bit odd. I mean I’m probably getting the wrong end of the stick but are people having to apply patches (to their computers)? Because of day...


SAT scores

This twitter by little_ceeg cracked me up…

The donkey iPod film quiz

So while I’m on the film theme, here’s a frame from a classic picture on the iPod (click on the photo to zoom in, the text reads “unica”).


You know how you get those dvds with your Sunday paper and then they collect on the shelf? Well, my family got me an iPod for my birthday in January and I’ve discovered how fabulous it is to integrate films here H...


Shurley shom mistake?

Interesting interviews on JDN économie, a series of bosses who actually want to pay their taxes (text in French)


Thank you joanofarctan :-)

FOWA 2007 day two - Google docs and spreadsheets

Well, I’ve got to do some work so am listening but not taking notes:-(