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Not Evil Google tramples my sister out of convenience

Well it used to be Big Oil or Big Business but we really are seeing the emergence of Big Copyright

Online VAT registration

So my accountant tells me I need to make sure and complete my VAT registration. Don’t worry he says, you’re an internet consultant so you’ll have no trouble…

links for 2008-08-21

Developer's Guide - Google Chart API - Google Code Gordon Bennet this is just fantastic! (tags: charts, maps, apis, graphics)


Movable Type 4.2 is here (and well worth the wait)

Wow, I thought I’d be playing with RC5 for a while before getting the final release but no, the real thing is here. Go grab yourself a copy

O2’s adventures in electronic customer self-care (ECSS)

OK, I think O2 wins this donkey’s current “Edge du Jour” tag.

It’s survey time again folks

Yes, the A List Apart guys are running an improved version of the survey they did in 2007. It’s good to feel one’s industry is maturing, it somehow helps when trying to make plans for the future:-)

CU-1's shiny new Lamy ABC fountain pen

CU-1 has been learning to write these past few years and I was buying stamps at a stationners in Farnham when I came across this pen. I first heard it mentioned by Richard Binder and since then have thought it wou...

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Well I’ve been running the iPhone plugin for movable type for a while now but had never used it in anger.

Wordpress v. Movable Type

Disclamer: We’ve had a bit of an ongoing debate on this one with Anil fanning the flames as he tries to support the MT cause. I should disclose that I’m a member of the Six Apart Professional Network and also a 6A...

Vikings v. Aliens

So Charlotte wants me to spread the web2 love re ex-classmate Dirk Blackman’s new production Outlander and why not? (that’s our in-house Viking H on the big-boy climbing frame over there on the left for our family...

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This is the modern world

You know it doesn’t get more cutting edge than this. First, after much stress and waiting, I jailbreak my iPhone and go in search of hot software. Great, open, free liberating productivity apps here I come and lo,...


Glasshouse gets into personal branding

I’ve been trying to get Nick interested in personal branding after listening to @garyvee at Seed3. Gary made a bunch of interesting points and got me thinking about how Nick should develop on her work so far as a...


Eat updated

I think the nice man who went in search of my Identity theft woes last week would have liked me to update my previous post.

US Court forces Google to release your private history data

Please immediately tell this person (details updated, thank you Peter)

Jason on sick hospitals and Carlos’ comment on collage

So still no Seed3 notes eh? I’m struggling a bit because I filtered a lot out and on balance didn’t really pick up anything practical that I wasn’t doing already…

Avignon quiz

Couple of weeks ago I was on hols in Avignon with the whole extended Falby clan and we all wrote games for the evening’s entertainment. Margaret, Nicki’s mum came up with a devilishly difficult Balderdash (I knew ...

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Well, it’s taken a while but I’ve finally worked out what it’s like to work with the .NET Framework


More on 0870

Having just this second whinged about O2’s charge for calling 0870 numbers, a comment has just come in on an old say no to 0870 post from March 2005.


iPhone floppyware 2.0

OK so it’s now Stevenote - 7 and my iPhone is stuck in an imap loop and when I turn it off it reboots instantly. Of course plugging it in and clicking “restore” (which theoretically wipes your iPhone and restores ...

Unusual behaviour

Well, I’m going on hols with Nicki and the bairn-gang for a week and have decided to not bring my powerbook.

links for 2008-05-21

Movable Love - a showcase of interesting and beautiful sites powered by Movable Type handy list of mt sites (tags: mt) Cakes and Ale things to eat in Chicago (tags: chicago seed) Hôtel des Arceaux à M...


Microsoft and facebook

Scoble wants us to link to this

links for 2008-05-14

diso - Google Code like I haven't got enough to keep on top of ;-) this looks v. interesting :-) (tags: collaboration community blogging apps technology microformats identity networking plugins programming se...


links for 2008-05-09 • Fountain Pens by Richard Binder the May basket. mostly sold so looking out for June! (tags: fountainpens fountain.pens ink pens writing)


links for 2008-05-08

Swedish Stag Night Prank - Swedish Party Joke Weekend Skipper Ideas Do Pranks Sweden more intriguing nonsense from Alex... (tags: stagnight stag sweden swedish prank)


What’s the worse that could happen?

This just in from Billy:

links for 2008-04-30

PESTLE analysis, tool, marketing, PEST analysis, SLEPT analysis, STEPE, ETPS, SWOT, pestle tool (tags: planning business) Where On Earth Is Waldo? I love the larger-than-life googlemaps pointer :-) (tags...


links for 2008-04-27

IBUPROFEN DOSAGE (FOR FEVER AND PAIN) - Lucile Packard Children's Hospital CU-2's cooking again and I forgot to weigh him recently... (tags: fever, nsaid, ibuprofen) IBUPROFEN (MOTRIN, ADVIL, PEDIACARE FEV...


links for 2008-04-24

OAuth: Getting Started - Part I Loving OpenID but wishing for something a bit more enterprisey with added security (tags: microformats mashup identity networking opensource privacy programming reference socia...