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Covent Garden Hotel

So I was trying to score some new Birkenstocks at lunchtime today and ended up eating a small Ceasar salad at the bar of the Covent Garden Hotel which seemed like the best way to avoid eating Another Bloody Sandwich.

What did <i>you</i> find on Googlemaps?

So I’m looking for satellite imagery of the island of Marawah around 100 kilometres to the west of the city of Abu Dhabi, just to the north of the Khor al Bazm. I end up with a traditional satellite image courtesy...

Branding is dead

I realise I’ve been doing a lot of quoting these days, but I love this comment by Hugh Macleod over at

Our city

Just came across this fantastic open letter to the bombers over at LNRE


Just got this in the mail from Sarah

Missy Elliott

Listening to Missy’s The Cookbook and damn. I keep rewinding a track called Can’t stop

Audience-generated content

(This post isn’t written yet but in the spirit of release early-and-often…)

And more bombs?

[Friday morning] Well, the front of the house is still there, so clearly the bomb on the bus was a false alarm. Still, no harm in being jumpy. I guess we’ll be keeping an eye out for abandoned parcels in the tube ...


Several blasts in London this morning.

Software patents nein danke

I’m always amazed when the European Parliament sees sense and does the right thing :-)

No stinkin badges

At last, I’ve been promoted to “official photographer”


Live 8

Annie Lennox is on right now…

All I want to do is find a frickin’ radio station!

Thank you Chris for pointing me to this piece on featuritis :-)

Those blog-watching marketers

The Wall Street Journal says:

Design clichés

Ahhh love those logos with a swoosh. Speakup has compiled a definitive list of design clichés with a prognostic on each. I’m embarassed to admit I’m fond of bubble-head people… Still, I suppose I could always get ...

Orange jump-suits

Just bumped into this quote from Voltaire


I just learned a new word:

Tardis Tennis

Winston Churchill whups Shakespeare two sets to nothing… it must be the BBC’s Tardis Tennis

Font sizes

Recently lost my rag with a very nice person on one of the HCI lists I subscribe to. My juvenile, agressive and totally uncalled-for behaviour was triggered by the fact that the person works at Verisign (regular r...

Last call for comments on CSS2

Attention all CSS boffins, you have until 15 July to post comments on the working draft of CSS 2.1


Live 8

Bob was livid when he found out about L8 tickets changing hands for loads of cash online. I saw him on TV a couple of days ago really laying into eBay. I’m not sure if this was Bob’s idea, but someone suggested bi...

Want want want…

Embedded in the back of the bag are three lightweight, tough, waterproof solar panels which generate up to 4 watts of power. This means quicker charge times!



I’m always curious to hear any information that suppports the argument that not making your site accessible is a nonsense. The DDA Centre has nothing to do with website design, but they did have this little snippe...

Transformaçaõ de Armas em Enxadas

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time looking at the British Museum website these past couple of months. I’ve nicked this graphic from Compass, their editor-selected presentation of 5000 significant pieces from t...


I’m on a couple of usability lists and one of them sparked a slightly strange exchange of messages a few minutes ago:



Well, I’ve been on the verge of buying Tiger and going through the upgrade thing with the five-odd machines I’m responsible for. It looks like I’ll loose key functionality if I do (virtual switch networking) and I...



Sunday afternoon and my eyes are still going mental. This is beginning to worry me slightly, after all I rely quite heavily on my eyes to do my job. If things haven’t improved by tomorrow morning, I think I’ll go ...

Puffy and smelly

So I’m sitting here at my desk, it’s 5am and I’m trying to get some writing done, but my eyes are killing me.


ER -- The Video Game

Just been contacted by Francis Poku at re featuring the new ER game on Donkey.


Sitting here in MUF where I work on personal projects thinking about the structure of a huge, museum website and have just noticed that Technorati’s tags page is almost 50% non-roman.

Memory machine

I’m not sure whether I prefer the Flickr ‘most recent’ or ‘random’ badges, but one of the nice features of the random badge (which grabs pics at ‘random’ from your photosets) is that is reminds you of days past.

Getting clients to the Land of Usability…

I forget if I’ve mentioned this before, but we’re all carrying all manner of legacy decisions about producing web pages. We’ve got the web-safe colour thing, the acessible Javascript thing, the quirks or no quirks...


Feeling Tufte today -- -)

Doing some background reading for a big IA project and came across this classic from Edward Tufte

Asquith Court West Hampstead

I was beginning to think the good works of the Asquith Eight were going to go unnoticed forever.

Touching screens

What is it with account execs? They can’t help themselves from poking the screen. One in particular had the endearing habit of using a biro which left little blue smudges…


OK everybody, today’s the day. Time to head for a polling station.


Have just spent three hours inputting all manner of stuff into the Aquent website.

Tom Coates on trackback

Tom writes Trackback is dead. Are Comments dead too? I’m not sure I agree with his findings. To be honest, I have a problem understanding exactly how trackback works, so time to delve deeper. What is undeniable is...