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Cisco iPhone

So it turns out Cisco have a corporate blog:-)

They did the iPhone thing!

Jason D. O’Grady is blogging the conference in real time. They did it!!!! They really did the iPhone thing it wasn’t a red herring!!!


Monday morning

Her forearms are long and thin, and the sleeve of her floppy jumper keeps dropping as she fiddles with her empty teacup. She is reading Tolstoy.The sun is rising over Sidcup.I have padded plasters on my ankles as ...

More on Flickr

Rob Ferrara isn’t 100% in agreement re Flickr. His point is that the free account doesn’t give him enough of an incentive to upgrade.


The MySpace murders

Welcome to a world of prurience we didn’t even know existed. No longer will the currious need to dig through the sleazier end of the tabloid press to get their thrills. We can all now view our serial killers’ MySp...

Sharing value

(Photo: CU-1 Falby by David Hockney)




So I’ve been in Paris all week. I was here last week and will be here for three days next week. I’m so totally sad, I’ve been commuting out to the burbs on the RER, working all day and then coming back to the hote...


The Thresher thing

Jonathan and Ross over at TMW are working through the Thresher promo thing apparently organised by Mr Gapingvoid Hugh Macleod. They both make some good points and Ross points out that the promo represents a 7% inc...

Thursday morning nonsense

What next, cats that look like Hitler?


Family-friendly shopping in Paris

Trying to score Nicki some perfume in the Galleries Lafayette yesterday and came across this chap. Great poster next to him with a guy reclining in a bulge-accentuating pose. I figured I should definitely get myse...

Gmail down, arse, fech:-(

Damn, Tuesday morning and Gmail is still on the fritz. Problems started around Sunday lunchtime and the service has been intermittent since then.

Clinique 3 steps and a pumpkin double latte

Gosh, the word “Starbucks” appears twenty-three times on this Lonelygirl15 comments page…

Starbucks relaxed about metrics

I'll be happy if we create a single cheer chain," said Brad Stevens, VP-marketing for Starbucks. He said he's more interested in the qualitative response, as the effort has no traditional marketing metrics tied to...


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Link love

Those nice folk at TMW have started to blog. It’s a brave step for a traditional agency and one I hope that will energise their collaborative media activities. Getting into the spirit of the thing, they have start...

SAP blog relations

The company has the balls to invite bloggers into its press and analyst program, to ask tough questions of executives at a time when industry analysts and journalists increasingly ask only softball questions in pu...

James gets it right (again)

Modern Marketing - Blog by Collaborate PR & Marketing: Social Value First, Brand Value Second


Well a bunch of stuff has happened recently and I just noticed that last entry about Universal was my 1000th post! Turns out I’ve been spewing this nonsense since 2001 so now seemed like a good time for something ...

Universal not quite getting the co-creation concept

Just saw this item on Slashdot. A classic example of a big corporation not getting the new consumer.

Marketing books



Glad to see Iain Tait is experimenting (and, in the process has found a place to buy genitals).

Co-creating value with

Got this a couple of weeks ago from Chris, a man I trust.