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They work for you

This cracked me up:-)

Software patents vs. collaborative creativity

This latest example takes the biscuit. I have read several documents produced by a number people inside and outside of the mobile industry that clearly describe the service or one just like it. Also, Nokia, Craigs...

Hey, I had a good idea on the way into work

I forget who said the that the best way to have great ideas is to have many ideas but I can tell you, I’m not particularly stupid but I can remember most of the great ideas I’ve had–they just don’t come knocking t...

John Resig says -- "Google Groups is dead"

This post isn't so much about the usefulness of mailing lists as a discussion medium, it's the complete failure of Google Groups as an adequate purveyor of public discussion software. For the jQuery project we're ...

Brainstorms and thought showers

Nicki first mentioned the “thought shower” thing to me when she was working at the BBC. At the time I thought it was both a bit amusing and a bit disapointing–another example of political correctness going crazy…

Able Planet Clear Harmony NC200 foldable headphones

So I got an email from a pr in the states before Christmas asking me if I wanted to try out a set of noise-canceling headphones and having heard a lot about active noise-canceling but never having experienced the ...

Apple’s 10 Dumbest iPhone App Rejections

Not sure I 100% agree with the attitude but yeah… 10 dumbest iphone app rejections This first one got me. Banning satire does seem like an early warning of unpleasantness to come.

Your move, Apple

love this from @jonprice

Moving from "I like this" to "I’m buying that"

An upbeat view on the year ahead from James

The year of the customer?

@edent just sent me this video from Domino’s…

2010 Vibrations -- Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda

Well it looks like Caitlin Zaino is up to more rockin publishing for 2010.

Scottish advent calendar

Nicki sent me this last week, cracked me up… I think this may have started here

Desi says -- "HP computers are racist"

Wow, astonishing… Thanks dabitch

Achievement and motivation

Adaptive Path’s Andrew Crow on peer generated achievements in Halo 3:

LED traffic lights don’t melt snow

Franco just sent me this utterly wonderful example of what happens when design is divorced from context-of-use:

le mouton enragé is back in business

BulkRegister was the last major U.S.-based pure-play registrar in the market. Its acquisition by eNom marks the end of an era in the history of domain names and the Internet as a whole. (more info here)

An implausible use of wireless bandwidth

Love this Guardian article by Cory Doctorow. It still amazes me that mobile operators spend fortunes trying to put the customer at the heart of the business but don’t follow Cory’s simple suggestion that giving cu...


One the things I find most wonderful about type is that the typographer invests the sum of human experience into the tiniest, most trivial form. Never mind using tools and language, what makes us special is our ab...

superfluid - the liquid economy

Superfluid is great:-)

Via Frank

Love this

Dug’s 2009

apparently :-)

Good Idea! -- Man Submits Drawing Of Spider Instead Of Payment For Overdue Account

Fantastic! I reckon with seven legs that spider was easily worth 240 dollars:-)


Just came across this tweet and it made me grin. I’ve already forgotten which particular video it was, but with HEF and CU-1 increasingly using the computer, there’s got to be some kind of lesson there. HEF is oft...

Flea Market Montgomery

Fer, our star groovy Android developer just recommended this as a key research resource for marketing our new trading platform. Mmmmm…

MAGMA La Légende du Siecle

Wow, I’m speechless, and get a load of those necklaces:-) YouTube - Magma La Légende du Siecle, French TV, February 26th 1973. Sort of reminded me of Helen Marques’ band, “GPS” which stood for “Global Pulsation Sy...

Wikipedia more beauty in nonsense…

Heather pointed us at Magma’s page on Wikipedia. I loved this disambiguation notice just as a fragment of culture in itself:

Edward Frederick Falby

Well CU-1, well H, the time has come again to think about Edward Falby. The googlemaps StreetView doesn’t go down Lewisham High Street so the above image is the closest I’ve come to his memorial in his home parish.

Typekit lives -- -)

Amazing news, well done to Mr Messina and co. Now can we please all stop trying to log in at once!

So tell me Dug, how do we sell things?

Have recently experienced some really crazy shit and got thinking that most of it was due to a lack of empathy. Retweeting Russell’s earlier vid reminded me of the little recording I did for a workshop on selling…...

Agency pitches and user experience design

A nice man called David tweeted me once with a link to a video of Russell Davies talking about interestingness, size and creativity. In the video, Russell refers to a project I did a couple of years ago for Birdse...

2012 Scenarii


How to lose customers with Flash and Flex

So here’s a use case I thought had gone away years ago… Nicki is driving, Dug’s riding shotgun and the kids are in the back. We’re all trying to squeeze in a quick flooring purchase to finish CU-2’s room today bec...

One billion dollars a month

Never mind the pithy and insightful piece on yet more examples of why all bankers should be shot, this has to be the funniest comment I’ve seen in ages:

Gmail -- What’s been keeping the Gmail team busy

Just noticed the flashing red more Labs! new new new! link at the top of Gmail. I’ve sorta stopped checking recently, bit of innovation overload… but this sucker is fantastic.

Actions speaking louder

Just got a ping from Greenpeace in my inbox: