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Good Idea! -- Man Submits Drawing Of Spider Instead Of Payment For Overdue Account

Fantastic! I reckon with seven legs that spider was easily worth 240 dollars:-)


Just came across this tweet and it made me grin. I’ve already forgotten which particular video it was, but with HEF and CU-1 increasingly using the computer, there’s got to be some kind of lesson there. HEF is oft...

Flea Market Montgomery

Fer, our star groovy Android developer just recommended this as a key research resource for marketing our new trading platform. Mmmmm…

MAGMA La Légende du Siecle

Wow, I’m speechless, and get a load of those necklaces:-) YouTube - Magma La Légende du Siecle, French TV, February 26th 1973. Sort of reminded me of Helen Marques’ band, “GPS” which stood for “Global Pulsation Sy...

Wikipedia more beauty in nonsense…

Heather pointed us at Magma’s page on Wikipedia. I loved this disambiguation notice just as a fragment of culture in itself:

Edward Frederick Falby

Well CU-1, well H, the time has come again to think about Edward Falby. The googlemaps StreetView doesn’t go down Lewisham High Street so the above image is the closest I’ve come to his memorial in his home parish.

Typekit lives -- -)

Amazing news, well done to Mr Messina and co. Now can we please all stop trying to log in at once!

So tell me Dug, how do we sell things?

Have recently experienced some really crazy shit and got thinking that most of it was due to a lack of empathy. Retweeting Russell’s earlier vid reminded me of the little recording I did for a workshop on selling…...

Agency pitches and user experience design

A nice man called David tweeted me once with a link to a video of Russell Davies talking about interestingness, size and creativity. In the video, Russell refers to a project I did a couple of years ago for Birdse...

2012 Scenarii


How to lose customers with Flash and Flex

So here’s a use case I thought had gone away years ago… Nicki is driving, Dug’s riding shotgun and the kids are in the back. We’re all trying to squeeze in a quick flooring purchase to finish CU-2’s room today bec...

One billion dollars a month

Never mind the pithy and insightful piece on yet more examples of why all bankers should be shot, this has to be the funniest comment I’ve seen in ages:

Gmail -- What’s been keeping the Gmail team busy

Just noticed the flashing red more Labs! new new new! link at the top of Gmail. I’ve sorta stopped checking recently, bit of innovation overload… but this sucker is fantastic.

Actions speaking louder

Just got a ping from Greenpeace in my inbox:

Schoolkids to assist with propaganda

Another chilling article on the RIAA over on the EFF website: on copyright

Some nicely written thoughts on copyright over at publicknowledge

The old solutions have become the new problems

Shoshana Zuboff is an ex Harvard Business School professor with an ethical take on the need to focus on partnerships with customers. She calls this “The race to I-Space”

More things I didn’t know

Until right now I had no idea that:


</embed>Untitled from Jim Callahan on Vimeo.

Is Apple too powerful?

Interesting article over at mobileopportunity

Been learning about evil things today…

For those of you not on Twitter, today has seen Alan Turing become a trending topic. This is in response to a published apology by Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister. I’ve just been sitting here dropping tears on...

Value exchange and P2P currencies

Great piece on the WSJ blog on P2P currencies

AppleInsider | Bandwidth-guzzling iPhone called "Hummer of cellphones"


Listening to my Gainsbourg playlist and was reminded of Overseas Telegram and got to wondering

Another link to the hughtrain

I frequently receive emails at work with reports that measure the value of brands (likely to involve voodoo and pixie dust, but makes a good read). Happily my employer seems to do quite well in these listings, but...

More value in the conversation than in the Powerpoint

A university professor describes the educational experience in terms of value creation. What do residential college students require to get the most value out of classes and how does the experience compare in valu...

Tee-shirt-worthy quote of the day

Just love this from You are Sleeping

Eames on design

David sent this through on Sunday. I didn’t manage to read it properly until this lunchtime…

IP from 2001

2001 wasn’t just an interesting year in space. I just came across some stuff from the distant past that still resides in a dark and abandoned corner of the interweb. It gave me a smile as it resonates with we’re t...

Diesel in DUS

A colleague just sent this image around

Police Truck

Saw this and it made me happy. You go girl:-)