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Leslie Harpold

Woo hoo, I’ve just donated twenty bucks to Leslie’s fund I say “woo hoo” as I’ve never used my paypal account before. It was kind of exciting (yes, I will get out more)…

Kottle memory prod

It’s funny, I was thinking: God I’m glad no one wants me to do javascript rollovers anymore. For some reason, I’ve just stopped using them—they’re a nasty, cheesy hack and I’m desperately trying to stay away from ...

Leslie has put together a legal defense fund and is going to try and reclaim her hijacked domain Find out more. And yes, I am about to make a donation.

Good clean fun, not

Ok, so I never thought it would ever happen to me.

donkey on the guardian

Hey dug, the Guardian likes your ‘whimsical personal/tech blog’

Leaving Verisign

Ok, this is my last post about Verisign, I promise I will leave it be after this.

Chewy toys

well, next step on the long and rocky road to university admissions: teething. Of course CU-1 is only 13 weeks old (her birthday was yesterday) so by rights shouldn’t be teething yet. It’s just that she’s started ...

Linking to this blog

Permalinks have been enabled on this blog. You know what to do.

I was having a really bad day when

I noticed this link on Jon’s site.

The Pepsi challenge (coffee)

Just had a latte at Costa’s on West End Lane. I can’t believe I used to drink Starbucks coffee. I’d tried it the world over and no matter how many italian-ish words I used, no matter how I attempted to explain how...


Apparently, this is a whimsical personal/tech blog (guardian blog guide)

Paediatric osteopathy

Nick and I took CU-1 to The Osteopathic Centre for Children this afternoon. There’s nothing wrong with her, it’s just that as she was ventouse (French for suction-cup—sez it all) delivered, the word on the street ...

Search engine referrals

Hadn’t checked my search engine referrals in a while. It’s always interesting to see what’s on peoples’ minds. In order of popularity:

Fuck Verisign

Just got a note from verisign telling me the pumpernickle domain was about to expire. This is interesting because I’ve now started the long slow painful migration away from the servants of Beelzebub and towards th...

New car

I recently bought Nicki a new car. Or more precisely, some faceless financial institution is letting me keep a car that Nicki uses as long as I promise to give them money every month for the rest of my life;-)

Dean Allen and adventures with cable tv

Just thought I’d better tell Dean that there is an unmissable film on Canal Jaune at 22h45 (quarter to eleven) \t It’s Claude Lelouche’s unmissable Un homme qui me plaît which showcases the talents of Farah Fawcet...

Summer hols etc

I was going to say I’m now back at work and describe hols etc etc but i just found the following in my inbox from Jed, my father and I thought it kind of did the job:-)

Alan Watts (on WFMU)

I recently started listening to WFMU again thanks to the miracle of adsl. Can somebody tell me what it is about Alan Watts that make his lectures so impossible to switch off? I know nothing of Buddhism and am not ...

Scottish information architecture

Robbie Bushe is a life-long friend of Billy and one of the most amazing artists I’ve had the pleasure to know. Of course, he makes his own websites and his navigation is as rich, complex and textured as his work i...


Right—watched 23 last night and have just finished watching 24. I just have to say I still think it’s rubbish. …don’t let them connect you to Germany oh so Nina is working for some shadowy organisation in Germany?...


Billy has chimed in to the 24 debate;-) The offshoot of this email correspondence is that I’m kicking myself for not having sat through the penultimate episode. I guess I’ll just have to pay attention when the “pr...

Re Stupid design rip-off

An open letter to Ian Robson, the guy who put his name to my work. He has apologised and wishes to make amends. Here is his note and my reply.

Man, this is one angry page

Just re-read this blog page… Yes I am going to get out more, yes I will up my hypericum levels and yes I’ll consider anger counselling from Ren and Stimpy;-)

The value of trust is $35

Well, it had to happen — Verisign has handed over one of my domains to some nasty little cybersquatter:-( I’m trying to go on holiday (since yesterday) and shit just wont stop hitting the fan…

Stupid design rip-off

This fucking idiot has grabbed large chunks of the Pumpernickle site (including the basic XHTML template) both code and design and has ‘pre’ dated the stuff and claims it as his own. It’s unbelievable, he’s so bol...

Did you know

That Google is now configurable. It allows you to store useful preferences such as language. Google now reports my results in “Ewmew Fudd”.

Re -- 24

> > (snip) > > But the preposterousness of the series is part of > the fun… Some of it I agree goes a bit too far > (that whole memory-loss thing for one) but on > the whole it knows what it ...


was: “Re:24”


Started watching tonight’s episode and just decided on the spur of the moment that this has to be the worst written show on tv.

Not Nigerian

(snapshots from my in-tray)

Bush, Dawkins and ford

I’ve just had a few shitty connectivity days. First of all BT cut off my adsl line (yes, my payment was late, but I’m on a ‘business’ tariff and you don’t just cut off business users without a) a phone call b) an ...

Human endeavour is a beautiful thing

When i was a little boy of about seven or eight (I’m guessing) my father sat me down with his sample books and started teaching me letterforms. The one I remember most clearly was Poster Bodoni Italic. I loved the...

Say goodbye to NetSol / Verisign

When a registrar gives away your name to a fraudulent applicant and then refuses to do anything about it, it’s time to change registrars. I believe I put it like this in an earlier post…

Thank you Nicki

For buying me the most stylish shaving mirror I’ve ever seen. Ok, so she did it to prevent me installing my grotty old one in our lovely new bathroom, but is it not the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?

Écoutez et répétez

I hadn’t heard this in ages. When I was a kid we used to try and learn all the words…

Just when you think you’re sad

Someone else comes along… This person really needs to get out more;-)

Nadinne and the bathroom

Well, in just two weeks, our grotty hell-hole has become a beautiful designer bathroom — In fact, it’s so posh I keep thinking that a guy is going to hand me a towel and expect a tip every time I take a slash, it...


Yesterday I had a pint in Kilburn for ?1.20 and a pint in Kentish Town for ?1.45 — so how come I’ve been drinking in the West End?


Well, the bike leasing guy (Paul Preddy) has gone off to make some calculations re my lease… posting from his desktop (is that rude? one needs to use all the connectivity one can). So in a few weeks, the big yello...

Ok, have just downloaded GnuPG

Updates to follow if I can get my head round it :-)