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Julia Margaret Cameron

Took CU-1 to the National Portrait Gallery yesterday to see the Julia Margaret Cameron show. She wasn’t impressed, but liked the more colourful portraits elsewhere in the museum…

Nope, I didn’t know that

I didn’t know that as well as the aliases the Prince, the Emir, Abu Abdallah and Hajj, Bin Laden sometimes goes by the alias the Director. Cute, I thought…

You gotta be kidding

And I quote…

./configure make

Have just compiled Lynx from source on my server. Brrr, scary (but strangely satisfying as the power of the command line finally reaches me…)

Floggando un caballo muerte

While I’m at it, just noticed that Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. have changed the copyright notice on the Raging Cow blog. When they started, their identity was obscured behind a cryptic little © symbol at the bottom l...

Raging Cow

I just wish large companies spent a little less time pissing their marketing crap on the internet and a bit more time paying attention to its culture. Companies like KPMG think they can move in to our spare room a...

Under construction…

Or, This icon says more about me than it does about my web page. Quite an amusing selection of under construction signs. I particularly like the one that goes:

Carbon Copy Cloner

If you haven’t checked out bombich software’s CCC you haven’t lived;-)

Be prepared

Got some simply unbelievable(?) spam from this company today

And so to war…

The world didn’t change on 9/11, but it sure as hell did at midnight. This is truly depressing. If the voice of millions (and 139 MPs) can go completely ignored, this means that for the first time in history, the ...

woohoo (Raging Cow)

Wey hey, Donkey is now number two in Google for a search on Raging Cow thank you semantic relevance.

The mouth of the beast

And while I’m on the subject of Raging Cow, the agency that ran the teen bloggers’ indoctrination has an application form. I was wondering if I should put the Donkey in? I could sell Reagan to black America?

Absent-mindedly throwing a spanner in the works

Raging Cow is great, and while I’m at it, here’s another link to KPMG

Raging Cow

(from dpsu newsroom)

About to embark on a new design

and have been doing some reading on GUI usability. Came across this site about the Humane Environment Project. An interesting read from Jef Raskin, the guy who brought us the Macintosh (among many other things).

What’s the worst that could happen

Dr Pepper is good. Raging Cow is tasty stuff, my friends and I drink it all the time. We give Raging Cow Milk Drink to our babies because they like it so much too. In fact, Raging Cow is the new breast milk.

WFMU needs you

OK, it’s pledge week. pony up (or call 800-989-9368)

From a recent email conversation with Andy

Animal on speed attached: escuchar

W3C remix competition

Right, all the entries are in and I have to say I am very surprised how crap most of them are. Having not entered myself, I should really keep my trap shut, but we’re talking a (admittedly hypothetical) redesign o...

Flash battering

OK, so I haven’t commented on Flash in a while. I have just had to struggle with a site that was determined to conceal the information I wanted to find, and as I struggled past the beautiful, smooth animated typog...

Off to Norfolk to look at barn

Considering a partial downshift in the property ladder game. We’ve seen this gorgeous converted barn on three acres smac on the Norfolk Broads. I can build a solar-powered studio and have a boat (nice dream, anywa...


Wow, George Clooney picked William Shatner’s Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds in his Desert Island Disks. George, you’re so groovy:-)

Hyde Park to Ann Arbor

Great series of pictures from the peace marches all around the world. Nick and I were standing about 1cm North East of the bright yellow truck to the left of the picture (it was impossible to get into the moshpit ...


It’s moments like this where my heart swells and I’m proud to live in a democracy (the feeling fades fairly quickly, but hey…)

Re -- contact from donkey web log

Got the following in the post this morning. I’m always amazed to find out that my Mom isn’t my only reader;-)

An American replies

My friend Ben has been reading my various rants on the war and has sent me a long note pointing out how I am not presenting the argument in a well balanced way. He is probably the best person I know (best, as in t...


Quick question sparked by the The Pianist winning best film—does Roman only do acceptance speeches in countries that do not have an extradition agreement with the USA?

Awards like it oughta be…

Watching the BAFTA awards in the background while catching up on some work for Monday am, it always amazes me what good A-List attendance the show gets. The Audience was packed with Hollywood’s finest and it occur...

Getting the war off my chest

I had meant to post a proper comment re the demonstration as I only had time for the flippant post below on the day. There are hundreds of reasons to worry right now, but the one thing that keeps coming back to me...


Well, we’re still all coldy (CU-1 coughing in the middle of the night via monitor is just sooo pitiful sounding) and Nick and I are still at each other’s throats, but we had lovely day yesterday. We took a long wa...

From the first day

I was introduced to the silent operation, brilliant colours, high resolution, piezoelectric ink delivery printing system of Epson’s printers things started to go wrong. Since then things have gotten gradually wors...


A day of down-and-dirty muddy protest

It’s tough being a developer

Just got a note in the post asking me to register for the 2003 ADC in San José, California. For the first few seconds I actually considered using up some air-miles and spending two days in the sun to catch a glimp...

The scum that just won’t die

The following received at 23:07


I forget if I mentioned this already, but those of you using an iBook by accident (as in you really need to be on a Powerbook but tricks of fate etc etc) might want to modify the Open firmware to kill mirroring. I...

Catch Me if You Can

Just got home from seeing the Leonardo vehicle (thank you Grandma Symington for looking after CU-1). It’s quite liberating having a ‘date’ with Nicki, I guess that’ll be the second film we’ve seen since the arriva...

A thread out of context

Feiss + Penguin + iPod + Slashdot (not necessarily in that order)…

04 -- 23 Zulu

So I guess if I’m designing a brochure at this time of night I need to take a look at my time management;-)