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You gotta be kidding (Sony shocks and awes)

Sony withdraws “shock and awe” trade mark filing Sony has withdrawn a trade mark application for the phrase “shock and awe” which was used by US forces to describe the initial bombing campaign in Iraq. Media cri...

On now…

More awesomeness on WFMU:

Apple die die die

The Apple store has just confirmed that they are not offering an upgrade path for owners of OS X Server.

African porkies

So I just this second deleted the latest edition of the Nigerian scam letter and was about to go back to work when I was struck by the depth of the narrative. This particular one goes on in depth to describe the p...


To misuse a phrase from Blue Velvet, …why are there people like Frank in the world? Read the papers this morning and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The sheer Orwelian-ness (is that a word?) of the Iraq situ...

Mail from Andy

Hiya, I’m after a quick fav. My mate has just starting up a new website that needs a bit of advertising. Could you please forward on this address to as many people as you know, and ask them to look at it and pass ...


Well, it’s about twenty to five in morning and I’ve been working all night:-(

Cyber Hemingway

Do you ever get the feeling that the bloggosphere is turning into Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast? The more I read blogs, the more I get the impression everyone is talking about the same ten people. We’ve all started...

If you’re a New Yorker…

…and you’ve had grief from Verisign, read this news now. (thanks anil)

Jed in East Devon elections

Billy has this to say about that :-)

Re -- Election

My father, Jed is living testimony that if you don’t have a go, you’ll never know how well you could do. The man is unstoppable:-) He sent me this two minutes ago. Go Jed!

And again…

I seem to remember being aware of Mena’s liking of Yéyé-girl music from reading but had stored that information someplace hard to get to. So I decided to have a go at installing Moveable Type on my...

And one more thing…

…an amazing bug (OSX 10.2.5) spotted while rummaging around


There’s an interesting article over at (thanks daringfireball) outlining his theory of how Apple has defeated the credit card handling charge on their music store. In essence, how can they afford to s...

Movable Type 2.63

Oh! Ma Melody Ma Melody Nelson Aimable petite conne Tu étais la condition Sine qua non De ma raison

The sun is out

In London, and the bike is good:-)


More fantastic spam, this time, from Italy, home of the longer-lasting Channel No5. Is it just me or are these people cheeky in the extreme

Donkey sanctuary?[links]

OK, Chris reckons a blog that passes the hat is cheap, dirty, rude and pointless, but Caroline likes the idea of helping the little guy publish against all odds.


When you live in the country trees matter.


14:50:10 - Nick and CU-1 kiss me goodbye and disappear out the front door.


So does anyone else find it absurd that the framers of the DVD standards decided it would be ‘versatile’ to have every crummy little post-production house design human-computer interfaces? I mean, I was amazed whe...

Jed for Budleigh

My Pa is running for office(?!) for the town council of Budleigh Salterton and the East Devon District Council (the seat of power in the region). All a bit last minute and sudden (the election is in May) but if yo...

Julia Margaret Cameron

Took CU-1 to the National Portrait Gallery yesterday to see the Julia Margaret Cameron show. She wasn’t impressed, but liked the more colourful portraits elsewhere in the museum…

Nope, I didn’t know that

I didn’t know that as well as the aliases the Prince, the Emir, Abu Abdallah and Hajj, Bin Laden sometimes goes by the alias the Director. Cute, I thought…

You gotta be kidding

And I quote…

./configure make

Have just compiled Lynx from source on my server. Brrr, scary (but strangely satisfying as the power of the command line finally reaches me…)

Floggando un caballo muerte

While I’m at it, just noticed that Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. have changed the copyright notice on the Raging Cow blog. When they started, their identity was obscured behind a cryptic little © symbol at the bottom l...

Raging Cow

I just wish large companies spent a little less time pissing their marketing crap on the internet and a bit more time paying attention to its culture. Companies like KPMG think they can move in to our spare room a...

Under construction…

Or, This icon says more about me than it does about my web page. Quite an amusing selection of under construction signs. I particularly like the one that goes:

Carbon Copy Cloner

If you haven’t checked out bombich software’s CCC you haven’t lived;-)

Be prepared

Got some simply unbelievable(?) spam from this company today

And so to war…

The world didn’t change on 9/11, but it sure as hell did at midnight. This is truly depressing. If the voice of millions (and 139 MPs) can go completely ignored, this means that for the first time in history, the ...

woohoo (Raging Cow)

Wey hey, Donkey is now number two in Google for a search on Raging Cow thank you semantic relevance.

The mouth of the beast

And while I’m on the subject of Raging Cow, the agency that ran the teen bloggers’ indoctrination has an application form. I was wondering if I should put the Donkey in? I could sell Reagan to black America?

Absent-mindedly throwing a spanner in the works

Raging Cow is great, and while I’m at it, here’s another link to KPMG

Raging Cow

(from dpsu newsroom)

About to embark on a new design

and have been doing some reading on GUI usability. Came across this site about the Humane Environment Project. An interesting read from Jef Raskin, the guy who brought us the Macintosh (among many other things).

What’s the worst that could happen

Dr Pepper is good. Raging Cow is tasty stuff, my friends and I drink it all the time. We give Raging Cow Milk Drink to our babies because they like it so much too. In fact, Raging Cow is the new breast milk.

WFMU needs you

OK, it’s pledge week. pony up (or call 800-989-9368)

From a recent email conversation with Andy

Animal on speed attached: escuchar