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Interaction design?

A related post (poor blog form but heh…) which struck me as I have the same problem explaining what exactly I do for a living.

The most boring blog in the universe

Displacement activities…


I’ve loved Photoshop since I first played with version 2.5–it did stuff you could only do at expensive post-production facilities on an old all-in-one Performa. Version three came along and wow, layers. Before you...

There is something magic

About finally finding a bug and sending it off to the place from whence non puede salir.

Can you say ‘disconnect’?

Jayne Iceton Executive Assistant Orange Communications PLC Birchwood Drive Braken Hill Business Park Peterlee Co. Durham SR8 2RS

On hold…

Muzac this week…

Guest blog (We just won one!)

Jed writes about life as a Devon councillor

A tiny, empty bubble

So about a month ago we had a miscarriage. We were going to have a second child and then we weren’t. Say it like that and it’s quite simple really.

Verisign, believe it or not, has actually managed to find a further way to mess up the internet. This is verging on comedy–what do these guys do all day? Anyway, here’s a petition site: http://www.petitiononline.c...


Sitting in the Office working on a new site design and it just occurred to me that I’m doing three people’s jobs in a four day week and being an available and supportive superdad in the hours in between.


So I have this recurring fantasy where I design a simple 12 volt grinding tool using a starter motor with a ferrous metal cutting wheel bolted to the axle. In my dream I have long, coiled, power lead from the moto...

Nude fat guy

Mark from Bristol has pointed out to me that there’s a link on the scrapbook that can be read in such a way as to give access to nudie pics of a fat hairy guy in the bath (me). I hope he hasn’t also written down m...

about the Lebowski Generator etc.

This, from Hanan Levin a week ago and not sure what to do about it…


Funny taking her back to the hospital where she was born, kind of a return to the womb (that word should so totally have two ‘o’s)… She was there with Nick from 15:00 to 23:30 yesterday. When I got there Nick was ...

CU-1’s first X-ray

CU-1’s been running around the Royal Free’s pediatric A&E for most of the afternoon. I’m stuck at work, so Nick’s had to deal on her own. As of 20:00 CU-1 had had her first X-ray and was waiting for results.


So I’ve become a bit of an ebay hound…


Have just completed tax returns going back to April 1998.


3.0.1d bug

Tim on CRM

Interesting thought by Tim over at stealthisbrand. He ponders what would happen if corporates were subject to the same restrictions as governments in dealing with their customers (CRM–discrimination by another nam...


Just had to say that I changed CU-1’s nappy this afternoon on a bleacher in the Piazza del Campo in Siena with pre-Palio mud on my shoes. The Palio is this crazy horse race they have here, and the central square w...


Most excellent shortcut to the pool through the guarded truffle-picking field. Unexpected 4WD fun actually, a very steep hill with tight s-bends on loose shingle and clumpy (is that a word) earth. I haven’t had to...


Finally got here this morning. The girls fly in to Pisa tomorrow–am off to pick them up so might have a look at the tower first :-)

France Inter touche à mon pôte

So I was happily listening to a worthy program on Inter on the way through France the day before yesterday and was surprised to hear the following comment:


Well, GPRS seems to be missing in Germany, so I’ll post this whenever I get network.

On Seacat

On the eight o’clock boat to Calais. Left home at quarter to five and got to Calais fourty-five minutes early grrrr (could have slept more…). Our little clan is heading to Italy for the next two weeks–Nicki is fly...

Oldies but goldies (badly translated, I forgot to mention)

Name the artist–ok, just this once as I’m gonna here all night ;-)


Right, a few days later and a few items underweight I’ve got some more feedback…

Ve fuck you up?

Just got an email which looks like a lot like spam asking me to publish a link to which claims to be a blog but looks a lot like like a ‘viral’ from a California estate agent? Anyway, funny link...

Oldies but goldies

Name the artist :-)

Is it a well known fact

The man in the off-license on Haverstock Hill has just pointed out to me that no matter which way I stand in front of the security camera, I still look fat.

Have been trying to set up a seller’s account on Ebay…

…and have discovered a few things (and no, I don’t have OCD):


I was reading this post about the Qur’an and it got me thinking, how cool it is that Muslims get their text in version originale (or is that wrong?). I’ve never been a big Bible reader, but if I were, I probably w...

Is BT shit as well?

Just thought I’d post BT’s customer care number here for use by any and all switchboard-jamming anarchists and angered housewives whose membership of ‘Friends and family’, ‘BT Value plus’ or ‘Triple-Talk’ have dri...

Re -- advertising

Chris writes:


OK, so everyone is going to link to this, but I liked it–so here goes: (posted at Costa’s via the T68)

Fambly alert

So I’ve been feeling a bit un-blogged this past couple of weeks. I’m constantly thinking of stuff that i want to say, but when I get to the keyboard I get all blue and decide not to post–not sure what’s going on, ...


And while I’m on the subject of ads and advertising, I’ve been soaking in the Charlie’s Angels “Full Throttle” poster campaign. The photography is fantastic–as you’d expect from a big Hollywood number–but the art ...

Optimism is alive and well in .tw

Got this piece of spam yesterday and I’ve been staring at this image ever since then. The expression on the models faces just grabs me. Not sure what’s going on–is it a dating service or a mobile ISP? I just know ...