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Albert Ayler

So I participated in a Katrina relief charity initiative a few months ago and had largely forgotten about it when what should pop through the letterbox but an enveloppe from Verve stuffed full of lovely jazz cds.


It sort of amazes me that with all the fanfare around CU-1’s birth (readers may rememember the blow-by-blow of her mother’s labour)–and the fact that this blog was initially set up to track the goings on in my hea...


PixPulse clarification

David wrote in this morning. He is concerned that the debate is missing his central premise. Here’s his note:


Shozu or PixPulse?

There’s an interesting conversation going on between David Xue, the founder of PixPulse and Roland Tanglao about the pros and cons of using email as a method to share mobile content.


Joining the EFF

OK, so I joined the EFF. Not only am I supporting the only serious lobby group for digital rights, I also got a fabulous t-shirt;-)

Tsunami + 200 days

Just moderated a talk over at the Lecture List. The event is called Tsunami +200 days and looks worth a look.

Farsi bloggers

Listening to Radio4. A woman has just launched a book on the Farsi bloggosphere

Belle and Sebastien

Sitting here on a Sunday when I should be playing with Nicki and CU-1 trying to wrangle the information architecture of a corporate brand site into some sort of sensible, digestible expression and listening to Bel...

Sony DRM bollocks

Sony has stopped production of the ‘root-kit’ protected CDs. Thanks for nothing but nice to see a company realise that things are a little more complicated than simply dropping some copy protection on a disk.


11 November 1918

It’s 11 o’clock.

Angry sheep

So I’ve been sitting here getting increasingly pissed-off about the totally unregulated goings on at Google, the iTunes Music Store, CD manufacturing, spyware galore and a whole host of other nasty little profit-d...


Linux for your iPod


Pakistan relief efforts

A family friend, Lauren Ingram has set up a fund to help with the relief work. She’s focusing on collecting smaller amounts of money and quickly distributing it to the right people on the ground using an extensive...

Playing with Flock and liking it…

Blog This!You can easily blog interesting web content with Flock, in just a few clicks.Example: 1. Highlight a passage on a web page that you would like to blog about. 2. Right-click that selection and choose ...


A nicer environment

I love this and this made me smile:-)


Writing your MP

Sometimes we forget that the laws we obey are written (indirectly) by us.

Die mauer ist nicht so motorradfreundlich

Which, as far as my crude appreciation of the language of Siegfried goes, translates to the wall isn’t so motorcycle-friendly (he’s commenting on an orange crash barrier he avoids at a corner’s apex).

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Just back from seeing Kiss kiss bang bang at the London Film festival (thanks Billy) and tomorrow Billy has scored some tickets to hear the director talk.

Cool JS slider

Been meaning to have a play with this javascript slider. Oh, and the individual templates are broken while I try and fix comments…

Google v. The Lecture List

The Lecture List is a non-profit site that aims to promote public speaking across the UK. The site was launched with a generous grant from NESTA but for the last two years has been entirely supported by the time a...

Toddlers at work

This piece over at Digital Dad™ made me chuckle. CU-1 isn’t a toddler anymore (she’s three) but she’s been obsessed with computers, stereo, iPods and telephones almost since day one.


Eating scorpions

So Nicki, at long last, has started to blog about her experiences with food. She’s a professional food writer so was apprehensive at first, but it looks like she’s settling in nicely:-)

Google AdSense Account Disabled (3)

> Hello,> > As you know, Google treats instances of invalid clicks very seriously. By> disabling your account, we feel that we have taken the necessary measures> to ensure that invalid clicks will n...


Just read a post on the Google Print copyright debacle which reminded me I got a bit tipsy last night and had a vigourous and interesting converstation with a barrister who specialises in intellectual property. We...

Google AdSense Account Disabled (2)

So yup, I’ve started digging around and we may have something here (thanks wAntAn productions: Google AdSense Account Disabled)

Google AdSense Account Disabled

I think we may have a thing here.

Fair Play isn’t

Chris Wheatley makes a few observations about iTunes 6. In particular:

John Peel’s Festive Fifty

A friend of Billy’s wanted this word spread:

The bigger picture

So I bought Nicki a Sony Ericsson K750i as she’s starting to write about food again and she needed a decent camera to upload to Flickr with. I just can’t get over the image quality on the thing. I pumps out 1600×1...


Pigs, burdock and Broadway

So exactly how often these days can you see a chap roasting an entire pig on a spit and what’s a burdock root anyway? Broadway market is looking pretty darn amazing right now. These guys come back every saturday–t...

Sorry, gotta go -- -(

Thank you Billy for pointing this out:-)

Things I learned by watching TV

Well, until about five minutes ago, I had absolutely no idea that Levon Helm and Robbie Roberston played with Bob Dylan.

Lick my ass

It’s funny, I’ve been tidying up my iTunes library and tracking down some of the more obscure cover art. On a couple of occasions, I’ve come across reviews of Miss Kittin albums and amusingly, even the more metrop...

Whipsnade face painting

Just love this picture. Not sure why exactly, but it’s something to do with the freshness of the whole thing.