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There are days when the internet makes my heart swell

There are days when the last ten years feel like time well spent. Let’s keep the pressure on and let’s keep it beautiful


H has just pissed all over my laptop bag.

Mozilla and Skype support EFF case for iPhone jailbreaking

I know I bang on and on about this stuff (go on, you know you want to support the EFF) but the more I follow the news of the FSF and the EFF’s progress in the American courts the more I feel like a new deal on cop...

Transparency, Facebook style

The Facebook charter states:

Comments on Donkey

Well, don’t want to bore you with the details, but the comments weren’t working because I had built Motion to use a particular url for the admin (I didn’t want the trailing “/mt/.cgi” in the url.

An impermanent telephone

Love this green handset concept from greenergrass

Weekend child-care

Well Nicki said “entertain the kids” so CU-1 took that to mean “let’s put paint all over Dad’s face”. Not a bad tiger. Or lion. Or…

In our story,

Life-work balance

I was just about to shutdown and head hamewards when I noticed this fab iPhone app, a game by designers for designers. Don’t know if the game is any good but I loved this comment from Craig Thomas

SKYNET RESEARCH » Mobile Aerial Ground Support (MAGS)

Kudos to Special Ops Media somewhere in the freeworld (5th avenue). They’ve just arranged for Skynet to contact me inviting me to participate in a robotic design competition. The Skynet website says it all. This i...

CSScaffold by Anthony Short

I've been working on my own type of CSS framework lately. When Shaun Inman released the update to the Server-Side CSS Processor last year, I jumped on the bandwagon and made a layout plugin for it, which then turn...

Bill’s swarm of mosquitoes

How did I miss this one…

Your api. Our infrastructure.

What a beautifully succinct way of expressing quite a complex system :-)

Passenger vs. Richard Branson

A quality letter of complaint is a thing of beauty :-)

When did 802.11x become the balkanisation protocol?

Bloody hell, never before has my trusty Powerbook spotted such a richness and diversity of wifi connections. And not one of them gives me connectivity :-(

A suggestion for President Obama’s next banking bailout

So I’d been watching money as debt trying to figure out how much of it was accurate or relevant and then the credit crunch happened.

Cooperative Brother

Overheard on the train this morning:

Did you make this favicon ?

So in the recent flurry of template and CMS tests, tweaks and plays (going from MT3 stable with the kiss82 template through mayhem and currently running the unstable Motion beta of MT4.25 since you asked…) I grabb...

links for 2009-01-09

Social Entrepreneurship - the "Nine Inch Nails Theory of Entrepreneurship":


links for 2009-01-05

Helitech - Headset Services Limited Headsets for pilots in noisy cockpits or... annoying open plan office phone conferences (tags: hd280, hmd280, headphones)


links for 2008-12-19

DOPPLR: Add trips by Twitter required string to add via twitter (tags: dopplr travel)


links for 2008-12-12

YouTube Chromeless Player Example page fun with the developer api key :-) (tags: chrome chromeless player video youtube)


blackbouler -- définition, synonymes et conjugaison

Je trouve quand même étonnant que le dico internaute propose une définition du verbe “blackbouler” sans en expliquer l’étymologie anglaise.

What’s in a pot?

Darn, I’ve just this second dropped the last of my beautiful Salins-les-Bains coffee bowls:-(


More interest in the BT forums

I seem to have inherited, largely by accident, a largeish contribution pool of disgruntled BT customers. Many of them comment with the phone strapped to their right ear, commenting on how many hours they spent on ...

Discovery is the new cocaine?

The ever-groovy Mark (@redeye) links to this funky service. I’ve just received my D from Twitter and apparently it will take ” Mr. Tweet would take roughly 4.4 days to be ready to serve you. We know this sounds lo...

Business transformation,

Countdown to Nokia

Well, this is one way of becoming an internet business ;-) So I wonder what those clever chaps at Nokia are up to?


links for 2008-11-27

London Videoconferencing Room: dedicated video conferencing facility for hire in central London (tags: vc) Eyenetwork : Search for a Video ...


links for 2008-11-21

Farmers And Farming Quotes: Famous Quotes on Farmers And Farming (tags: farmers) Sustainable agriculture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...


links for 2008-11-20

The History of Architecture Gaynor Aaltonen | Architecture Books | Books Ireland | Books Online (camerafone pic of St Stephens Walbrook)