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It’s a very very short story

Props @marshamusic for pointing to @veryshortstory

Shel Israel is ‘tweaching’ tomorrow at UMass Dartmouth

The unstoppable Shel Israel continues his journey of immersion and involvement through social media:

Hello Cufón goodbye sIFR

Wow, finally a sensible-looking alternative to sIFR. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve used sIFR all over the place and I love it’s type-handling but dang, those variables are pointless. Pretty much most of the ‘adj...

Firms Seek Profit in Twitter’s Chatter -

More on the imminent Twitter ‘Pro’ accounts.

Widgets, widgets, widgets

If ever proof was needed of the impending world domination of widgetisation, here’s a beautiful pic of Yahoo’s widgets-on-your-TV platform apps

David OReilly Animation - Please say something

</embed>Please Say Something - Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Fun from the cloud?

Just came across this BBC article on OnLive sounds like the cloud is delivering…

March 25 2009. Document Freedom Day

Yes siree bob it’s that day again, document freedom day

Is London heading for a "Summer of Rage"?

Well, if we keep alienating our inalienable rights we could well be heading in that direction. This from a comment on Cory Doctorrow’s excellent Boingboing post (gosh i haven’t linkled to BB in aaaages) London imp...

Microsoft Announces SuperPreview for IE Browser Testing | Webdesigner Depot

So I maintain a pile of Windows disk images to test sites in the nastiest of environments. Ever since we switched to targeting standards, I no longer need to test in every permutation of OS and browser but I do fe...

HP on the benefits of open


Replying to Tim Brown. Destroying an industry is not the same as destroying the value it once enabled...

Interesting piece by Tim Brown on the migration from an economy of consumers to an economy of creators. He mentions a few of the casualties that are likely along the way, one of them being the record industry.

Big copyright

My favourite quote of the day:



Jeff Jarvis on the great restructuring

Great piece on buzzmachine re the evolution required to the ways we live and do business in the face of the current mayhem:

There are days when the internet makes my heart swell

There are days when the last ten years feel like time well spent. Let’s keep the pressure on and let’s keep it beautiful


H has just pissed all over my laptop bag.

Mozilla and Skype support EFF case for iPhone jailbreaking

I know I bang on and on about this stuff (go on, you know you want to support the EFF) but the more I follow the news of the FSF and the EFF’s progress in the American courts the more I feel like a new deal on cop...

Transparency, Facebook style

The Facebook charter states:

Comments on Donkey

Well, don’t want to bore you with the details, but the comments weren’t working because I had built Motion to use a particular url for the admin (I didn’t want the trailing “/mt/.cgi” in the url.

An impermanent telephone

Love this green handset concept from greenergrass

Weekend child-care

Well Nicki said “entertain the kids” so CU-1 took that to mean “let’s put paint all over Dad’s face”. Not a bad tiger. Or lion. Or…

In our story,

Life-work balance

I was just about to shutdown and head hamewards when I noticed this fab iPhone app, a game by designers for designers. Don’t know if the game is any good but I loved this comment from Craig Thomas

SKYNET RESEARCH » Mobile Aerial Ground Support (MAGS)

Kudos to Special Ops Media somewhere in the freeworld (5th avenue). They’ve just arranged for Skynet to contact me inviting me to participate in a robotic design competition. The Skynet website says it all. This i...

CSScaffold by Anthony Short

I've been working on my own type of CSS framework lately. When Shaun Inman released the update to the Server-Side CSS Processor last year, I jumped on the bandwagon and made a layout plugin for it, which then turn...

Bill’s swarm of mosquitoes

How did I miss this one…