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Overheard in Boots

Pharmacist: Have you renewed that prescription, do you know how to do that?

CU-2’s pirate ship

Once upon a time manufacturers actually manufactured stuff. This thing is amasing, it has hundreds of little parts (down to carrots and dueling pistols and a plank to walk) a crane that moves, canons and jolly rog...

Group buying

The daddy, Groupon, trading since 2008

Loving my new Mitas E10 tyres -- -)

Kevin at recently fitted some Mitas E10’s to the GSA. I think I may have been his first customer to go with these hoops so he sent me an email a couple of days ago asking how I was d...

"Christmas Challenge" idea

I had an idea to increase promotional aspects of the sites.

Gen-Y goes shopping

Lovely infographic from getsat (Get Satisfaction) re Gen-Y purchasing behaviour:

Modern Marketing - Blog by Collaborate PR & Marketing -- Shiny Shiny Syndrome

James has a great new post on the management of innovation in business and the obsession with the new. He calls it Shiny Shiny Syndrome


Thinking some Hemel Visual and UX folk might enjoy tickets go on sale at 13:00 today (in 6 minutes)

Recommended by Which but not so Cooperative?

Our car insurance is coming up for renewal and we’ve just received a letter from the Cooperative ( stating they won’t consider renewing our insurance because we had a claim (wife slo-mo...

Free tools for social Media

Free Tools for Social Media (research and measurement)</embed>View more presentations from Beth Granter.

Just a bit of fun for all you dog lovers


Homes from up above

Seeing this makes me think that, firstly there may be a few too many people on the planet and secondly that there is a lot of roads going nowhere.

A competition for typography-lovers

(Indices from H&FJ’s fabulous Whitney font)

Actions speak louder than advertising

Awesome deck from razorfish:

Stuff we need to crack

Didar Zowghi from the University of Technology in Sydney writes:

Is Google’s design process broken?

Really interesting article on the Google un-design process by the guy who writes on design for Fast Company:

Good content needs to really stink

Or “have scent” in the words of Jared Spool

Is Europe behind or just different?

This from Techcrunch on e-commerce

In Defense Of A/B Testing

“Recently, A/B testing has come under (unjust) criticism from different circles on the Internet. Even though this criticism contains some relevant points, the basic argument against A/B testing is flawed. It seems...

How we made an extra £14 million a year for a travel company

Great article on some simple steps to optimising a site for best possible conversion, including user testing, email subject lines, MVT and for clarity.

nice widgets by Wolfram Alpha be useful in web analytics: something for fu...

increasing conversion by "un-design"

Does the prettiness of your website effect customers perception of your prices. In short yes.This thinking goes against every tissue of my fibre, but seeing it in reality, its interesting that sites which are less...

Facebook landing pages -- play it or nail it?

So here’s an article on Facebook landing pages


Apple’s attempts to take over the world and integrate into every part of our life takes another step closer. These rather boring patents show designs for Apple’s ideas for the future of travel Iphone style.

Creativity on speed

This is a link to a great blog on all things internet.

Cool Workspaces

This is a blog post containing some of the author’s favourite workspaces, and there are quite a few there that look kind of awesome (using a slide to move between floors? I’m game).

A list of everything cool

A list of some of the coolest objects on the face of the planet. things from glasses to mood mugs and cars to plasters.

360 Escher

When I read Tim’s post on the Budapest panoramic I searched for the image to add a lovely png to his post. Unfortunately the image site asks you to download Silverlight and I have a personal policy on Air and Silv...

Comparing old vs. new website designs

Setup guide from Google Website Optimizer on the subject of testing old versus new.I dont think this fits with current model at dsgi but provides useful articles in interpreting test results going forward.<div&...

71-Gigapixel Photo

A group of young Hungarians, sponsored by industry big-shots Epson, Microsoft and Sony, have created the world’s highest-resolution 360° panoramic photograph to date.

Lap Tatt….

This is brilliant, i must have it. NOW

A little visual inspiration

Stumbled across this design studio on my web travels, they do some very attractive, clean work. Their icons are particularly impressive.

How to see that pesky CSS file.

One issue that we have found is waiting for CSS files to cache through. Clearcache wont clear this but here is a way around it for Firefox only but you will be able to see the page upadated.