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Well, back at home again. Nicki is spending the night in the antenatal ward (no husbands allowed after 20:00) - they’re keeping her comfy with pain relief and she’s looking a lot perkier. More excitement tomorrow ...


well, Nick’s just had another bath - this seems to both relax her and slow the contractions (or ‘rushes’ as some womenfolk have been known to call them) which should give her a little window to get some sleep in. ...

Labour - news flash

Nicki still in pain but contractions getting stronger - might head back to the RFH later tonight, if not it’ll be tomorrow am

Have been sent home (again)

this is pretty rough going for Nicki, she’s in labour, but not yet ‘enough’ in labour (getting to know the labour ward quite well, tho…)

Nicki’s just had a bath

the idea being to get a few minutes sleep in preparation for tonight’s big push… Off to the Royal Free soon.

hmmm - ouch

Bit of a weird moment there - I got in the bath and everything slowed down, or at least it was so dreamy in the bath I couldn’t feel the contractions. So I went to bed and they kicked in again with a vengeance. No...

Well, this time it’s finally happening

contractions started at 05:05 and are the right strength and distance (see Nicki’s post below). It’s now nine o’clock, and mum is chilling in the bath. I think we’re both happy that the wait is over…

Re -- quick question

Yeah, it’s the real thing (at least it’s all going ahead as one would expect). Contractions now every 8-9 mins, lasting 45 secs to 1 min. I have been beetling about doing washing and organising the kitchen and wha...

Nominet have made an horrendous decision

The following reproduced from

The first one’s often late

EDD+2 - no contractions yet…

The dark side

my friend Ben in Washington DC wants to know why there are no pictures in the scrapbook of the back wall of the back room. Well, that would be because the back wall is a horrible fright as Luis the carpenter’s bus...

The first one’s often late

EDD+1 - no news on the baboo front… putting finishing touches on nursery and moving on to hall bookcases (if Nicki could keep her legs crossed for two more days we’d be all done ;-)

Unix never crashes

or so the ubergeeks would have you believe. I remember Chris explaining at great length how he could upgrade parts of his Linux kernel while the machine was running.

Waterloo, Stalingrad

You’d think I’d learn to not attack simultaneously on two fronts (bedroom and hall)

More scamming

from Zimbabwe and from zdnet (

Fwd -- this is really really really good

== Forwarded Message == Date: 21 2002 18:54 Received: 21 2002 17:58 From: (Andy Ward) To: (Mark Aspinall)

Chris at the warm company

More legal rubbish Chris and Derek have started trading under the name “warm company” and some other “warm company” in Seattle (yes, trigger-happy lawyers living amongst Starbucks-drinking ingenus) USA isn’t happy...

The gentle art of home improvement

You know, when I started this thing I thought “gee, we’re spending cash on a fancy bathroom refit, why not be mr helpful and do the back room?”

Pass it on…

Info re the latest patent nonsense from the USA (

Labour has started (not)

Darn, this is one serious roller-coaster ride ;-) What happened today is only just becoming clear now (at 17:17 - twelve and a half hours after we thought Nick went into labour). What actually happened, was that N...

Labour has started

first contractions at 04:30 this am - mother currently in bath…


Have just picked up a nifty digital camera (which works with iPhoto, which turns a gimmick into a useful appliance) and have started snapping. In the nav over on the left there’s a link to “scrapbook” that’s where...

Tribe s.a.f.s. news from New York

Got a call last night from a slightly pissed José-Antonio from a bar in Köln - the whole gang was there, Ben and Laura, Bill and Caroline, I think Ado, Robert and Daniel were all going to make the big day.


Lust lust lust http:

An explosion of Billy

I just thought I’d add that my friend Billy has decided to become a prolific blog poster;-) You know you want to read it. Do it now.

Mad Mad Mad? (Re -- Sad Sad Sad)

Billy says: hello? You’re about to have a kid? And you’ve just got yourself some groovy speakers? I’m sorry. There’s something about this that just doesn’t add up. Next thing you’ll be telling me you’re going to j...

Bend it Like Bekham

Nick and I have just got back from an (rare) evening out. Had Thai food in Bayswater followed by Bend it Like Beckham. The film is completely ordinary and faultless in terms of structure, but magic in terms of act...

Sad sad sad

especially seeing as I am about to have a child, but I can’t help being excited about the imminent arrival of my replacement Snell speakers (you remember from an earlier post, that my original ones where damaged s...

Flash is evil

readers remember several posts on the subject of Macromedia Flash’s resistible rise.


considering the amount of time I spend online, I think it’s amazing I’ve only just come accross http://gbloogle.benhammersley. com/

Late night plus music plus internet

always seems to lead me astray. “Moi qui suit peut-etre le Francais le plus brézillien de France” is a silly line from a Pierre Barouh song on the “Man and a Woman” album mostly composed by Francis Lai (you know t...

Fear of dead baby

is something that has been parked quietly off my starboard bow for some time now. Now matter how many midwife visits and trouble-free weeks pass I can’t help thinking that something is going to go wrong… My head i...

Complain about Brahms

is what i did half an hour ago and Nicki put the Beatles’ “Let it Be” on the cd player. Wow, I haven’t heard that particular album in ages, and you know what, it good, very good. I had forgotten the concept of con...

Carpet smile

well, the carpet guy came and I if you had told me that buying carpet could bring you hapiness…