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Chirpy Cockney cabbies

Just spotted two muslim women with three kids outside the mosque in St John’s Wood trying to flag a cab. As I sat at the lights I saw no less than four (!) empty black cabs refuse to pick them up.

Site update

(Friday 2 August– works still in progress) I was making some moodboards in illustrator the other day and hit “outline” ? which got me this groovy background pattern of random boxes…

Had lunch with Sven yesterday

Hadn’t seen the man in years (literally). It was strangely reassuring - he hadn’t changed a bit, still the same high-energy unstoppable force of nature :-) He has moved on from being London’s top celebrity photogr...

More liberal winging

What is going around here? Can you believe the British government wants to remove the double jeopardy rule, make previous convictions admissible in court and do away with jury trial in some cases. No legal student...

Wear a yellow ribbon

Does anybody else find the thought of Israel building walls around Palestinian enclaves disturbing? Can you say Warsaw? I guess the next step on the road to a peaceful settlement will be the mandatory wearing of y...

Who hosed Nick’s imac

Ooops… Tell you what, kextunload is intense. Imagine editing the kernel via an ssh conection. It was fun til I killed the usb bus completely (no keyboard no mouse)

Decapitation can be fun

from - the cellphone theatre mini movies (originally designed for viewing via mobile).

Are you listening?

nato davos enron wto chechnya milosovic afghanistan cyberterrorism network terror waco oklahoma suicide bomber iraq iran ngo gmo homeland security ashcroft cia nsa fbi saddam hussein chemical weapon mass destructi...

BT’s new £1,000,000 website

From Simon Willison via Zeldman


I’m sure Blogchalk is a just silly trick to get people to publish this sentence (must be an evil backstory somewhere…): Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United Kingdom, London, West Hampstead, Dug, M...

Call-center integration

Very impressed with Tomy UK (the people who make those funny radio powered baby monitor things). I thought mine was broken as its flashing light morse code alarm was doing what I thought was the wrong thing. I che...


Mmmmm… CU-1 had her first colic last night. Not fun :-(

Ghost NASCAR driver

I remember preparing for Halloween when I was in 3rd grade at the American school in Milan. One of the kids had a real Bell helmet and a driving suit painted black with a white skeleton all over it. I couldn’t bel...


Nicki and I were on holiday in the land of Ben and Laura last year, when we stopped for lunch in West Virginia. Food was fantastic basic southern stuff, served with those large brown plastic glasses full of home-...

more on plagiarism

Hi dug, Here is the site favoured by academics who are involved in the fight against plagiarism. Its quite a big project about electronic detection, and does mention

A potent cocktail of music and linguistics

playful, retro, unpredictable, jazzy (occasionally, and not in a good sense, I’m afraid). But definite potential overall.

More designs are getting copied

apparently, and these people want to help students avoid it. You’d think that a site called might try and make a more unique logo. I mean it’s a logo with a swoosh(!):

More than a misunderstanding

More strange and wonderful stuff from Cal. Check out this icq conversation


Now, this is silly :-)

The Joy of Sex

Funny article in the Guardian this morning. Barbara Ellen remembers the hairy hippies of “The Joy of Sex”. She laments the passing of said hippies as the new edition has replaced the daft drawings with (no doubt v...

Things you didn’t know about Google

Gosh, you learn something new everyday on the web. The following from a Stanford U paper


Spread the word, wear the dot

Week ending 4 July [media]

Darn, it’s been a whole week - getting sloppy. Piece in the Guardian today theorising about what will happen when punters become able to apply professional-grade special effects to video. The suggestion is that vi...

Forgotten manga

This cracks me up and this makes me want to shoot myself. Fantastic stuff from Patrick Farley at e-sheep comix and while I’m browsing memory lane, remember air guitar? this was the same year that motion-control te...


great gig, if bite-sized (here’s a few seconds of “Babies” grabbed with the cannon ixus). Perhaps more small-but-perfectly-formed. Billy and I hooked up with Ian, the painter who is doing Andrew’s house. This is a...


Satisfying gig. Apparently, they’re breaking up… (sez billy)


3 mile walk through forest with gps - have arrived at gig:-)

Thanks Jed

CU-1 is three weeks old today and my Dad sent me a father’s day card (no, I didn’t send him one…) which is a really nice lino cut based on a photograph taken a couple of weeks ago.

Family post

Mom, Dad and other family folk, there’s a great shot of CU-1 having a bath over in the scrapbook :-)

Raettig vs Jobs

Never have I met anyone more capable of taking a piece of gorgeous, ground-breaking industrial design and turning it to useless rubble in seconds…

What do they fear?

What is it with everyone these days, first KPMG hassles Chris for linking to them and now NPR (no, that’s the NRA - the NPR is the well-meaning public braodcasting lot) are demanding that people complete a form to...

This week

Well, it’s Friday, and Nick and CU-1 have gone off to visit young Gulia, one of the nct babies. It’s been quite a week, Nick’s parents came down to stay with us, CU-1 discovered the fun of staying up all night and...

Browsers are getting interesting again

I’ve just downloaded the new version of netscape — it has all the down-to-basics functionality of Communicator, but with the added extra of a (largely) standards-compliant rendering engine. Also, my parents should...

Dropped off a bridge into a river

A story I can believe, and one I can’t

More nonsense

I’ve modified the generator script so that the selection of links (over there on the right) automatically extracts my bookmark file and chops out links using a seeded number. This happens every sixty minutes. “Coo...

Mr Raettig’s mum

Just a quick grin of thanks to Mr Raettig. His cutdown version of OpenBSD has been powering mum, the pumpernickle intranet box for the last 16 months and his configuration has proved remarkably robust.


…Eager not only to point out rotundity, He does math too, and shows, with air of profundity, How much more destructive are sweet, fatty snacks Than militant Islamic terror attacks…

Intellectual property -- discuss


has been in the house for a week now. She now sleeps in her carry-cot during the day and in bed with Nick and I at night. In between, she is learning to poo and fart at the same time while having her nappy changed...