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I didn’t know that

The expression ‘hoist on his own petard’ comes from the frequent and generally grisly end of His Majesty’s Petardier—from the French, “person who has to light a very large fire-cracker at point-blank range while s...


Global Donkey




Still thinking about what to put in my cv, portfolio etc. and never being able to settle on what’s really important. More precisely, why would someone want to work with me? So I’m heading towards values—I’m guessi...



(I never, ever, read my sister's comics when I was wee.)


Tarragon etc.

Given that I have no prior knowledge of gardening beyond the long list of pot plants which I have killed over the years, I thought I’d pay attention and try and observer what is happening out there…


Bouncing (again)

Just when you thought you were safe from bouncing CU-1s, these three little films come along:-)


Ben Shahn, American, 1898-1969

Nine minutes ago, I’d never heard of Ben Shahn. Now I have. Thanks Robbie.


DJ Sick Puppy

Having the stereo in my flat hooked up with AirTunes is beginning to change the way I think of albums. I’ve always struggled with playlists—the amount of time you need to spend on them to get something that isn’t ...


Alexander (bis)

Alexander, Michael, George, GoodbodyBorn on 27th July 2004Weighing at birth a mighty 6llb precisely.


Al Jazeera

I drop into AJ’s english-language website once or twice a week. Interesting piece on Arun Gandhi’s visit to Palestine and his take on non-violent resistance (Throwing a brick at a Merkava tank is just a waste of t...


Large fuzzy testicles

Could a Japanese speaker please let me know what this is all about?


CSS for Flash sites

You may remember, a wee while ago I did the CSS implementation of the online media shop for the website (click on “download 2cc ringtones” to see the shop). At the time, I commented on the stra...


Welcome Alexander

A post about Melina’s baby Alexander, except that the only visual record is the snap she took of CU-1 and me in the playground at Turnham Green. Mister clever digital camera-phone-man was too busy chasing his litt...


Lord of the marionette

Been listening to a lot of Tiga recently. Following a link got me to these sensational puppet shows over iChat:-)


The Ludlow Massacre

Well, not knowing who that bluegrassy artist was made me want to look him up. Turns out it wasn’t a ukelele, and it was none other than the great Woodie Guthrie himself in 1944:


Airport Express with AirTunes

So last night I was in my bath listening to a scratchy 78 of a bluegrass artist whose name I never quite managed to catch.


Not for CU-1

Always on the look-out for French-language resources on the net. This one is most definitely not for CU-1, at least not while she’s still living under my roof;-)


Boring MTGeek

OK, so this post is going up courtesy of a fresh instal of MT3.1


More CU-1 sickness

Having a 13.4 kilo little girl sound asleep on your left shoulder from 17:30 to 18:30 while trying to not wake her up and pick up her medicine from the pharmacy at the same time does wonders for your muscle tissue;-)



CU-1 has been sick all week. This has been a little tricky to handle, as Nicki has been sick all week as well (really bad ear infection) and when sick, CU-1 definitely wants her mommy. A lot.


Carson’s usa visa meditative

See this comment for a weird and wonderful machine-generated phrase.

Stuff for Jed

Stanley Kubrik's Napoleon (pdf file)The first Creative Commons video that explains the point of a 'commons' and why protecting everything forever might not be a good ideaAn update from the Creative commons team on...


Edward Tufte on Columbia Evidence

An old chestnut found while digging around my bookmark file–Edward Tufte’s analysis of the Columbia Shuttle report. He looks in detail at the meaning conveyed (or hidden) by the Boeing engineer’s powerpoint presen...

Replicate or distribute? (part 3)

Never before in the history of trivial snapshot production has there been a more potent way of assaulting the world with your pictures. There is nothing technically amazing about the service itself–what is amazin...


Replicate or distribute? (part 2)

Bonusprint, the UK’s leading mail order photo processor, will be launching in November with a Cognima Snap powered service. The system I’m currently trialling will be available to members of the public–just head o...


Intel Centrino (part 2)

The manager in Taormina replies:


Intel Centrino (part 1)

A search on Jiwire for Teatro Greco, Taormina, Italy reveals that there are five WIFI hotspots in town, and that the closest one to the amphitheatre is at the Grand Hotel Timeo & Villa Flora which is actually ...


Replicate or distribute?

I’m just about to join a trial with a company called Cognima. The have a technology called Cogima Replicate™ which, in essence, creates images of all your stuff on all your devices. It copies images on one phone ...


Bouncy girl

What does a little girl who has just had a three-and-a-half-hour antihistamine-induced nap do when she wakes up? (alt-click to download vidjo)


St John’s Ambulance

So it’s sortedLifesaver Baby and ChildrenSaturday 4 September09:00 to 13:00(in Romford)



Well, it had to happen sooner or later, little girl vs bee (or wasp, I’ll never know). Have you noticed how this August, London has been overrun by wasps? A friend of mine has an alleyway down the side of his hous...



I would just like to put my 2¢ into the indeterminate gender thing. I think alternating between ‘he’ and ‘she’ more or less at random through a text (I’ve been reading about babies and this is done A LOT in these ...


Can be as confusing as it can be extraordinarily painful. I am having an uncommonly shitty morning and it really hurts–arse. Arse, arse, feck.


Date formats

Sorry about the dates jumping around guys, just messin’ with the MT date formats. If you can muster any strong feelings about it, comments with prefs or recommendations on date formats for a diary-style blog (whic...

I don't have a lot of time

THE STORY – It seemed like a good time to start something new. The news from the meds is pretty crap but hey ho, movement increasingly difficult, some pains are frequent and I know that some of them will last as...


White-labelling with CSS

Met a nice man called Mark Panay at a company in Bristol last week and he kindly asked me to do some CSS for a white-label system he’s developed.

Drop everything…

…and go here now.