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Things Dug would like his N95 to do…

You know, I just twittered this, but I get the odd S60 developer reading my nonsense here so I thought I’d put the question on the blog.


Cillit Bang is my friend

Mike Butcher points out that new European legislation will make astroturfing illegal.

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Flickr: factoryjoe's photos tagged with pagination another nice collection of Chris messina screengrabs. In this instance we're looking at the rights and wrongs of pagination interfaces... Thanks Chris:-) (ta...


I remember when…

Parmi les Sept Merveilles du monde figurent les jardins suspendus des Batignolles.


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PSFK conference notes Lynetter's notes from PSFK07 (tags: psfk technology conference advertising trends)


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Digital Urban: How to Stitch a Panorama with the Nokia N95 more N95 geo-magic from a guy who actually knows what he's doing (unlike me...) (tags: n95 nokia Photography tools photo flickr)


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Gridskipper, the Urban Travel Guide Well, it might be steak-frite time again soon and a little variety never hurts...


Alex James - Bit of a Blur

Good to see Serge the Concierge doing his bit to promote the Alex James talk on Thursday.

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86 Mac Plus Vs. 07 AMD DualCore. You Won't Believe Who Wins (tags: bloat)


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Yotel Overview The man from "Yo" strikes again - love the idea, get the designer of the BA first class cabin and get him to sort your hotel :-) (tags: hotel pod japan) Padded Cell - Race Paint - Motorcycle...


Alex James on the Lecture List

You know, Billy and I have been really struggling to keep The Lecture List afloat for some time now, and we’re doing it because we believe in it (the problem of course is it’s impossible to get funding for a thing...


CU-1 a 5 ans demain. So tomorrow morning little CU-1 is going to wake up and be five years old. Forgive the cliché but darn she got big quick… We’re at Rebecca and Tim’s place near Perpignan (strangely correctly i...

In our story,

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Staircase plans online quarter landing staircases Recommended by the hardwood guys, 2nd landing plan sw39m £599 (tags: loft loftconversion) Staircases, spindles,newels from Barley Wood Ltd For when you're...


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Pipes: Rewire the web (tags: programming socialsoftware mashup tools web2.0) Connecting the Dots: Qwaq Launches Virtual Workspace (tags: community socialsoftware online social) Operator11 — Become a net...


Tuesday is Doesday

So David has decided to get stuff done on Tuesdays. He’s christened them Doesdays and you can join his Facebook group, check out the blog or just keep an eye on him over at Twitter

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Dashboard - Plazes - Right Plaze, Right People, Right Time (tags: visualization web2.0 socialsoftware social software plazes) YouTube - The real Computer Monster It's the MONSTER!!! haven't seen this in ye...


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Script Frenzy | Your ticket to creative adventure I reckon Billy and Nicki should have a go at this one :-) (tags: cinema community film) MacFUSE Tech Demos from Amit Singh's Macworld 2007 Talk - Google Vi...


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Video editing with Adobe Premiere « Scobleizer Scoble teaches editing with Premiere (tags: video adobe premiere)


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Where Most Needed Charity industry observer (tags: blog blogs charity museum ngo poverty)


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SERP Tracker - SEO Tools - Nashville Search Engine Optimization, Internet Strategy and Web Design (tags: tools search rank position serp)


A look at the Zopa logon interface

I closed my Zopa account yesterday and requested the paypal funds I had invested be returned to my Paypal account. The folk on the phone were helpful and courteous but I can’t help feeling a bit amazed by the expe...

Iain Tait on YouTube

It’s all just people lobbing rocks into a bottomless pit. Maybe that is a kind of community. But, given the lack of social interaction that’s going on I wonder how important some of this is...

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hAtomic factoryjoe's new project (tags: hresume microformats) FactoryCity » Thoughts on Mozilla I haven't watched the video yet but the notes are spot on. In a word, Moz isn't being transparent and isn't ...


Pie for Maureen ‘round her shed


I go and I come etc.

OK, so could someone be real nice and do some explaining re the translation of Je t’aime, moi non plus in the Karen Elson/Cat Power version on Mr. Gainsbourg revisited

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Jeffrey Veen JV's spent the last year working on Google Analytics. Have just signed up, looking good :-) (tags: accessibility socialsoftware tech web2.0 informationdesign design) Growth of Twitter vs. Blog...


Well, I’m glad I’m not the only consultant out there to get into trouble with The more I look, the more I find people sharing similar experiences


I thought I’d mention for those boring enough to be interested in such things that the comma-separated list of tags under each post no longer ends with a comma. Until last weekend, the lists looked something like ...

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Squirl: A Site for Collectors mmmm sort of etsy meets spout (tags: blog collaboration community culture design networking music movies media socialsoftware social reviews reference web2.0) Wordie: dug's Wo...


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French Internet Radio - Listen to French online radio news and information and practice your French! Nice listing of streaming urls. Includes non-French francophone channels (tags: french francais online radi...

Linkage, are spamming swine

If you get an email with a subject something like “[New Challenges] Soandso has Tagged you! :)” delete it quickly. I can’t say for sure whether the company ( is the next generation of sploggers or spamm...

Rsync’s 2007 code bounty

When it comes to open source (and, I imagine in pretty much every other issue) John Kozubik puts his money where his mouth is.

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Personas: Why We Get them 99% Wrong - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design (tags: research ria) Roll Up Your Sleeves: Pioneering a User Experience (UX) Process - Boxes and Arrows: The design behin...


donkey is up?

This is great: free server monitoring - check your dedicated or virtual server uptime and get notifications for free -!

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Nitram+Nunca very sexy widgets from designer Kei Sasaki and developers hmdt (tags: code design graphics widgets) jQuery datePicker home really nice date picker implementation using jquery (tags: jquery j...