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links for 2007-12-14

Cognitive walkthrough - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia an alternative to trad heuristics where "expert" becomes "academic" (tags: ux ucd heuristics usability evaluation) Subscribe to Custom Search Result...


links for 2007-12-13

Media messaging - Messaging - Services - O2 O2 mms-to-legacy (tags: mms tools email mobile)


links for 2007-12-11 - RIAA: Those CD rips of yours are still "unauthorized" ...and there goes my EFF donation, hard at work. If you think the RIAA is stealing value from you (in my case, the value of having my CDs last...


links for 2007-12-09

New Reading List (Grazr) (tags: reader readinglist lists) iPhone/iPod Touch | Resources (Grazr) (tags: iphone apps) iPhone Application Repository (tags: iphone software) Beta (tags: i...


links for 2007-12-07

FreeRice well, it gets a bit dull but rice is rice (tags: hunger, wfp, un, game)


links for 2007-12-06

Official Google Mobile Blog: Google on the iPhone: Fast and Fluid yes yes yes yes yes oooooohhhh... (tags: google iphone) Comics - Bokardo UCD humour - nice cartoons, need to send to Amy B (tags: usabili...


links for 2007-11-27

GDrive to Launch Soon? Working in a team that thinks backup and sync are two different things? Know someone who does? Great link for anyone interested in the backup space (even includes a tantalising grab of s...


links for 2007-11-23

If you are American read this (A Donkey on the Edge) Wow, I just reread this, it's a declaration by the US president (not the current one you can guess) about the cost of war and our collective responsibility ...


links for 2007-11-21

What If Gmail Had Been Designed by Microsoft? Oh yes oh yes oh yes... A bit like the iPod packaging exercise, and love those nail polishing tips. And this is priceless: Plus, to increase user lock-in, let’s ...


Paris by strike

07:30 good catch-up meeting with Agathe near République11:30 continue reviewing backup screens with Thomas P near bastill3a large chunk of the afternoon: walking from Bastille to Gare du Nord because the RATP stri...


I’d rather be in Whetstone

(Family thoughts, you tech readers may want to skip this post)


links for 2007-11-09

Foamee no more escaping your round (tags: beer foaf twitter ioubeer)


links for 2007-11-07

floor sanding - Google Maps J P Floor sand... N19 » The New Very nice, a redesign... smart URI handling as well new%20york routes to New_York_NY muy bien:-) (tags: geo geolocation ma...


links for 2007-11-06

tyre rogermugs... whatever that means:-)


links for 2007-11-02

Nokia Music - 'not' on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Yeah Phil, big surprise there... (tags: nokia music)


links for 2007-11-01

Eventful - Events, Concerts, Tickets, Festivals, Kids, Singles, Sports, Music what to do with the Lecture List (tags: socialsoftware opensocial google) BBM (tags: opensocial google) - the...


links for 2007-10-31

Deki Wiki - MindTouch OpenGarden (tags: wiki) Good to see Shozu are still going strong:-) (tags: blog shozu mobile middleware enterprise)


links for 2007-10-21 (tags: reference style tools web2.0 WebDesign colour technology)


links for 2007-10-20

Telstar Logistics: What Is Telstar Logistics? joyful human engeneering (tags: humanengineering) Deki Wiki - MindTouch and another nice looking wiki that isn't atlasian. It's amazing the diference a bit of...


Government 2.0 has a ma.gnolia group

So missrogue says, for those of you doing work on Government 2.0 (services side and politics side), she has started a ma.gnolia group: government 2.0 on ma.gnolia

links for 2007-10-17

Odd Proxy - Free Anonymous Web Proxy - For School & Work, MySpace Proxy (tags: censorship proxy)


links for 2007-10-16

The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: MashUp (tags: facebook censorship) Facebook Has a Post Limit « president of facebook (tags: facebook censorship) andersk: Facebook shuts down my cow’s account (tags: fa...


links for 2007-10-15

Micro Persuasion: Bookmarklets for the Web 2.0 Jedi Master Must try gmail to gcal when I find a mo... nice list (tags: bookmarklets) Blyk has landed, mobile operators take heed. « .oO Tailwind mmm now all...


links for 2007-10-05

sorties-paris - Bonnes sorties à Paris (electro & indie pop/rock) (tags: paris)


links for 2007-10-01 | 2005| November (tags: wto) english (tags: wto) APML - Attention Profiling Mark-up Language More on the knowledge sharing infrastructure of the 'attention eco...


links for 2007-09-26

Le cofondateur du Nouvel Obs André Gorz se suicide avec sa femme | International | Cyberpresse Tu viens juste d'avoir quatre-vingt-deux ans», lui disait-il. «Tu es toujours belle, gracieuse et désirable. Cela ...


One I would have liked to witness in person

Complete Video of the SIPA-World Leaders Forum with the President of Iran from the Columbia World Leaders Forum

links for 2007-09-24

User-generated neologism: "Indigenous content". Many-to-Many: thanks to Lynetter (again) (tags: usergenerated indigenouscontent indigenous content)


links for 2007-09-23

Cicely Saunders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: paliativecare hospice) How to Make Playdough (Play-doh) - Instructables Make Cool How To and DIY [category: craft] This oughta come in handy... (t...


links for 2007-09-20

Google Shared Stuff mmmm more niceness from the folk who are nae evil... (tags: google sharing share)


Re earlier post on decommodification

I wrote a little brain-dump on decommodification this morning and have just now come across tom at interesting (different tom) a video from Russell Davies Interesting 2007 conference.

You heard it here first… 2008 is the year of decommodification

What’s that Dug? A new-year’s prediction in September? Shurly shome mistake… Well, this one just popped into my brain so I thought I’d put it down on paper. I think 2008 will be the year of decommodification. The ...

How does the IA stay involved for the whole product lifecycle?

Phil asks an interesting question: open source experience design?

links for 2007-09-17

DNAStream Brings the Joost Experience to your Browser browser-based Joost via the flash plugin (I always like to add that word "plugin" as we forget it is still a plugin and suffers from all the usual pluging ...


links for 2007-09-14

YouTube - Compiz Fusion Development more animated interface stuff - Compiz Fusion in this case. Good track by Manau. (tags: interface music video) ManauWeb - Paroles : Manau - Mais qui est La Belette ? an...