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links for 2008-02-14

mydeco pretty :-) (tags: online retail) Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade bit more chick... handmade goods (tags: online retail) ITSMYFAVOURITESHOP.COM LIMITED credit report and a...


Nuevo spammio

Well well well, a new kind of phishing has landed in my inbox. Just when I thought the relatives and colleagues of intestate central african millionaires could show no further bounty, I am now being showered with ...

links for 2008-02-11

MySQL crib sheet with the most frequently used mysql commands (tags: programming reference mysql db)


links for 2008-02-10

Opinions Libres le blog du type qui à produit le super bilan sur ces 2008 Mondovino : achat de grands crus à prix ajusté et vin de Bordeaux Primeur 2006 (tags: vin)


Knee arthroscopy

So I’ve now had the pleasure of being slid into an MRI and in a few minutes, a man called John Hardy (my trusty orthopaedic surgeon) is going to regularise a tear in the meniscus in my right knee (thank you TMW so...


links for 2008-01-29

Logo Design Love more logo niceness, this time prompted by an email from HTF anouncing their fabulous new slab serif (tags: logos identity design)


A really, really interesting story about bluray v. hddvd

Woolworths stores to stop selling HD DVD | Reg Hardware


links for 2008-01-27

Best Brands of the World- vector logos, logotype, brand, logo Thanks to Alex Moore for pointing me at this one. Nope, Alex it wasn't the one I was thinking of but this is great nonetheless :-) (tags: colour c...


links for 2008-01-24

A Website about Corporate Identity Love this resource, now if I could only find the link to that Russian guy's site with vector files of all the logos (tags: corporate identity logos logo reference research t...



I just love this shit :-)


links for 2008-01-21

Watch The Streets incinerate their record label | News | NME.COM So Mike is gonna get all co-creative and online. "Record labels are dead" might be a bit of a simplification but if anyone can find a new way he...


links for 2008-01-14

sk8m8 : Finsbury Park Skatepark - Finsbury Park (tags: skate skateboard skatepark) sk8m8 : Lordship rec Skatepark - Haringey (tags: skate skateboard skatepark) sk8m8 : Ally Pally Skatepark - Alexandra P...


links for 2008-01-13

Beats by Dr. Dre great headphone with integrated iphone jack and mic - i want i need them now droool... (tags: iphone headphones)


links for 2008-01-12

[CES '08] Opera Browser Coming To The iPhone (video) OK interesting stuff on Opera on iPhone but check out that Movable Type template. Love the use of buttons for the individual archive previous and next links...


Understanding technology (small rocks float?)

Governments (well, the current UK government) don’t get it. The public doesn’t seem to get it, but large budgets and serious, long-lasting political decisions continue to be lobbied for and won on a partial unders...

links for 2008-01-10

How to travel by train from London to France | By Eurostar & TGV... personally, I like car 1 seat 76 but I think this guy likes the electricity in car 4? (tags: eurostar train france) Seed: Science is ...


New phone number

So hopefully by now you will have noticed the in-your-face red stripe at the top of the page and made a note of my new number (07515661655).

Stevenote minus 5

MWSF 2008 keynote bingo


links for 2008-01-08

2008 - The Year of How? (tags: collaboration value co-creation)


links for 2008-01-07

Thermo - Adobe Labs (tags: ria ide webapps apps interface programming tools) Adobe Labs - Adobe Flex (tags: adobe tools ria programming)


Did we land on the moon?

I love it that The Lecture List is still running (thank you thank you Chris) and that people are still posting this kind of event: Did we really land on the Moon?

links for 2008-01-06

HTML Color Code Combination Chooser (tags: colour design javascript tools code) Art Flutter Banksy Paris mods (tags: art)


links for 2008-01-04

TED Blog: "Paradox of Choice" author Barry Schwartz on TEDTalks CHI (tags: business design Marketing video) Maeda's SIMPLICITY and another, wonderful what you get in your mail... (tags: chi code design e...


links for 2008-01-03

Complainte de mandrin Paroles, mp3, tous ce qui faut y compris la version "gabelle" (pour l'histoire de la taxe sur le sel) (tags: mandrin sel song francais chanson)


Scoble, Facebook and scripting oh my…

Well, I’ve been following Scoble’s tweets today and it would appear his Facebook account was shut down (disabled). facereviews makes the point that this is a good thing in the sense that we do want FB to monitor i...

Subverting from within

So I used to think I was subverting from within. That’s bollocks, of course. David always reminds me of that. I’ve decided I’m not going to work in advertising again, the daily round of social network metrics and ...

The amazing shrinking javascript

OK, so I occasionally hack some bits of Javascript around to see if manipulating bits of the DOM can produce interesting, unusual or accessible interactions… These last couple of years I’ve started looking at fram...


links for 2007-12-29

Chronologie "La Bataille socialiste" nice chronology of the Socialist Party in the form of a Wordpress blog page (tags: ps partisocialiste parti socialiste)


links for 2007-12-21

Fluid - Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard (tags: firefox apps browser webkit safari osx webapps) QIK | Streaming video right from your phone I have wanted to do this since first buying a Symb...


Merry Christmas

Well, it’s not very Christmassy but Nick was transferring photos and contacts to her new handset and in the process sent me this photograph of CU-1 playing in Nicki’s wedding outfit. Shame about the item in the ba...


links for 2007-12-19

Modern Mechanix cosmic ray gun zaps atomic bomber (tags: 1950s art magazine reference science social space technology advertising photos) The Great Bridge at Poughkeepsie (tags: bridge train newyork)


links for 2007-12-16

.::Tempero::. I recently worked with a client who was keen to get his 20k users commenting and spreading the word but didn't think there would be a commercial impact for community management or moderation. My ...